What is process to create a course from a video?

You can create a course lots of different ways.

One way is to plan out your course, the modules and the lessons and then record everything, one lesson at a time.

I did that a few times.

It works great when you have the time for sure and is probably best.

Using existing video

What if your topic is super easy for you and you already did a video for it?

You can also strip out sections in an existing video.

There are lots of tools to do this.

Camtasia, Windows Movie Player, iMovie, even YouTube lets you do it online.

Personally, I use geek stuff, a command line tool called ffmpeg.

How do you plan your course?

Before even getting to that point though, you still need to plan your course.

You’ll need to decide on the following:

  • Course title
  • Course summary
  • Course details or full description
  • Course cover photo or thumbnail
  • Course lesson list and titles

If you already knew that you were recording the full video to split it up into a course, then you’ll also have the start and end times in the full video for each lesson.

How to split a video into pieces?

As mentioned, there are lots of tools and each will be different but the basic idea is to cut and trim the video.

You normally load up the entire video in your tool find the start and end you want to keep and trim or cut everything else out.

In my case, I used a tool called ffmpeg which allows me to script the creation of all parts.

For example, I used the commands:

VIDEO2="Host your course on Click eCourse platform.mp4"
TITLE="Creating your first course on Click eCourse"
ffmpeg -i "$VIDEO2" -c copy -ss 2:52 -to 3:12 \
   "Lesson 1 - Introduction - $TITLE".mp4

Which allowed me to create lesson 1 from the full video.

What’s next?

Once You have all the individual lesson videos, you can upload them to YouTube or another platform.

From there, you can create a course and use those videos as lessons.

Obviously, I’d love you to host it on click eCourse but any course hosting site will work for this.


Creating a course from a full video is pretty simple.

You just need to figure out where each lesson starts and ends and then use the tool of your choice to create the separate videos.

You can even use geek tools like ffmpeg to script it.

I hope you learned a little something from this episode.

Please share do your friends can learn too.

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