How to create an email broadcast in aWeber auto responder?

If you are building a business online, you definitely need an auto responder.

It’s the tool that lets you create an email list and have subscribers.

Without an auto responder, you’d have to keep your email list in your email client or some document!

This would make it really hard to email to them when your list grows to over 100.

Getting a free auto responder

If you didn’t know, aWeber is now free to start and they let you do everything up to a certain number of subscribers.’

You can start your free trial at

Yes, it’s an affiliate link and by using my link, I become accessible to you for help.

After your create your account, you’ll need to setup your business name and email – they have training on that.

Creating your first list

Before you can send a broadcast email, you’ll need to create a list.

Click on the big green button that says Create a List.

Then you need to fill in your business details (they will default to what you setup in your account). Click blue Next Step button

Then enter your list details. This is what your subscribers see if they ever want to unsubscribe, so make sure it helps them to remember why they subscribed. Click blue Next Step button.

The final step is confirming the subscriber confirmation message. You can edit it but I usually just leave it as default.

That your list is ready for subscribers to join.

Adding subscribers

Before you can create a broadcast message you need subscribers.

You can add them manually (if they gave you permission) or you can create a capture page or an option form.

I show you how to do that in the video near the end.

Your initial email to subscribers

Now that you have a list and subscribers, you can send a broadcast.

But before doing that, you might want to consider setting up a welcome email.

This can be a classic follow up series which is 1 or more emails sent when someone subscribes.

It can also be a campaign (which I use now and recommend) which allows you to apply tags and automatically move subscribers from one set or emails to another.

We don’t cover campaigns in this episode, but watch my blog for future posts.

Your first broadcast

Finally, you are ready to send your first broadcast.

I use the Drag & Drop Email Builder.

You can also find it on the drop down button once you have sent an email in the past.

Either link will take you to the editor where you can create your email.

After completing the email, click the green Save & Exit button.

And you will have an option to send the email as a broadcast.

Once you’ve configured all options, you can click the schedule email button.


It’s not that hard but there are lots of steps to get there as you can see here.

You will want to watch the video where I actually schedule 2 broadcast emails and also create an email for a campaign.

Make sure to reach out if you have any questions about aWeber and I’ll do my best to help.

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