How to create images for social media with Canva?

If you’re building a business online you know you have to be using social media platforms.

I don’t need to tell you that you need to post images.

The thing about images is that unless you’re a graphic designer, you’re not always posting great images.

There’s a pretty cool free online tool you can use called Canva.

Setting up your Canva account

Canva is quite powerful

Even the free account lets you do an awful lot.

To setup your account, just go to and click the Sign up button on top.

Then you can choose to use Facebook, Google or email to join.

Select the one you prefer, but I recommend Facebook option.

Creating a design

Canva lets you create an image in any size.

It let’s you add pictures on it, shapes, text and even videos.

To start a design, you first choose the type you want by clicking on the Create a design button on top right and then selecting the format.

Editing the design

Once you have a blank canvas, you can do all sorts of things.

You can add images

Text boxes with practically unlimited fonts.

And you can add forms like rectangles or more complex ones.

Saving your design

After you’re happy with your design, it will get saved in your Canva account online.

You can also download it to your PC so you can then upload it to the platform of your choice.

Just click the Download button on top tight and click the other Download button that shows up.

You can choose save as PNG, JPG or other formats.


As a free tool, Canva is totally awesome.

I’ve tried their pro (paid) plan and it’s got lots of cool features although I’m not a paying member right now.

Check out the video where I create an Instagram post and a Facebook cover image.

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