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How to automate social media posts with Buffer?

If you’re like me and have a life, like a day job and a family, you probably don’t have enough time to post on social media all the time.

You want to automate your daily activities as much as you can.

I use many tools to do that and one of them is called Buffer.

You can find it at https://buffer.com. Click the Get Started Now button to create a free 14 day trial.

What does buffer allow you to do?

Buffer is a social media posting automation tool.

It lets you create queues for your social media accounts and then schedule the postings.

You can post to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

For each platform, you can have multiple queues.

Additionally, you can post to a Facebook Page, a Facebook Group, a LinkedIn profile and a LinkedIn page.

Posts can be text only, image only or both (depending on the platform)

You can’t post to Facebook profile, only pages and groups or Instagram personal account, only business.

You can create a post and send it to all your accounts at the same time, or queue them all for later posting.

The downside of automation

I know automation isn’t the best way to post on social media.

If you have the time to post yourself, you really need to be doing that.

The problem with automation is that the platforms know you’re automating the posts and it does reduce your reach.

So, choose well, automate only if you must.

You’ll need to judge the benefits over the drawbacks and decide what you are willing to live with.

For me, I find that being able to post automatically on a schedule to multiple accounts is worth the loss in engagement on my manual posts as it ends up helping in overall engagement.

Setting up your buffer account

Once you’ve created an account, you need to add your social profiles.

Since I already had those I couldn’t show you how to do it but it’s as simple as clicking the Manage Social Accounts button on bottom left of screen.

Once there, just click the Add a New Social Account button.

The will guide you through the process.

Keep in mind you can have up to 10 accounts setup on the pro plan.

Creating a post for your queues

To create a post for a queue (or for many) just click in the box where it says What would you like to share?

This will open up a popup where you can enter text and choose an image.

After you’ve entered text, an image or both, you can then click the Add to Queue button.

Keep in mind that it will be added to queue based on what accounts you’ve selected.

This way, you can add to the queue of a single account or all of them at the same time.

Managing the queue

Once you’ve added items to your queues they will start posting based on the schedule you’ve set.

You can change the schedule by going to the account, settings and posting schedule.

The other thing I like to do is randomize the queue so that not the same posts added to all queues are posted in the same order.

You can do that by shuffling queue which is under settings, General and the button on bottom of page called Shuffle Queue


If you are short on time like I am, using automation is a great way to improve your social media presence.

There are many other tools I use that I will cover in other episodes.

Just search for Automation in my blog posts or click the category link on right of screen.

Make sure you watch the video as I show you how to do all this.

Share with your friends as they need to see this too.

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