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How to automate social media posts with OnlyWire?

Yesterday I talked about automation with Buffer so I thought I’d talk about another tool I use called OnlyWire.

The name of the tool comes from the fact it’s meant to share urls.

The easiest thing is to share your blog posts and others you like.

I use it to share my blog posts across a ton of other networks.

Start a free trial at https://onlywire.com by clicking on the Sign Up Free button.

What can you do with OnlyWire?

You can share to 20+ social networks including the big 3 (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) but also to Pinterest, WordPress, Redit, Blogger, Tumblr, Slashdot, Instapaper, Livewire and more!

They even support MySpace and I was tempted to create an account just to see!

So, you can create a new post and share it to all these networks at the same time!

Start by clicking the New Post button on top right.

You will see a popup to enter a new post.

You can post it not or schedule it for later.

The real power – RSS feeds

Even though you can post updates and schedule them for later I really like the automated RSS feed syndication feature.

Go to the Automation tab and add up to 3 RSS feeds (pro plan allows for unlimited but it’s $100/month!)

After you click the Add button, select RSS/ATom Feed button.

You can then enter an RSS feed URL and select the networks to share when a new post is seen there.

You can edit the list of social networks to post to anytime after after as well.

What does OnlyWire not do?

There’s a few things that you can’t do with OnlyWire.

This is why I also use Buffer as you can see in this post: Course Income Secrets #224 – How to automate social media posts with Buffer?

The two things I use buffer for that OnlyWire can’t do are:

  1. You must include a URL in your share post
  2. You can’t just post an image

If you don’t care about those two things, then you don’t need other tools.


Although automation isn’t always considered a good idea on social media, I use it because I just don’t have time to post organically.

You really should be posting organically if you can, it’s much better.

The social platforms know when it’s automated and do not share them as much.

Watch the video to see how to use OnlyWire.

Share this post with your friends that need to learn how to use OnlyWire.

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