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How to automate social media posts with Social Jukebox?

One of my favorite automation tools is Social Jukebox at https://socialjukebox.com

I love it because it’s truly a set and forget type of tool.

I’ve setup posts in there 4 years ago that still give me leads.

The other tools I use, like Buffer or OnlyWire need to be “fed” to be useful.

Why do I love Social Jukebox so much?

The main reason I love it is that whatever you setup today, as long as it’s evergreen content, will be reshared forever.

Cool right?

So, is it really a good idea though?


Automation is about doing the things you normally need to do using tools so you don’t need to do them, right?

What does Social Jukebox let you do?

With Social Jukebox, you setup a list of posts in a rotating queue.

Instead of being a queue of 50 items that would be empty after 50 days if it posted daily, the queue is never empty.

Obviously, if you only have 50 items, it might be repetitive, so you’ll need more than that, but you get the point I’m sure.

The really cool thing is that the queue rotation is random.

That means post #1 will not be post #51 when your queue is done.

What social networks does it support?

Social Jukebox started as a tool to automate Twitter only.

The idea was that you could post to twitter hundreds of times a day and you’d get more views and engagement.

Today that’s a little different and they support Facebook and LinkedIn as well.

To share to the networks, you create a jukebox for each network.

Then you add posts to the jukebox.

And finally, you schedule your jukebox.

What else can you do?

You can auto add items to your jukeboxes using RSS feeds.

You can create set-and-done jukeboxes as well that behave like normal queues.

It’s also possible to setup a series of posts to be shared only until a certain date.


Automation is amzaing.

The tools that people come up with are great.

I might be addicted to automation lol

I guess it comes with the programmer mind – I know anything can be automated with the right tools.

Make sure to watch the video as I show you how to use Social Jukebox and share this with your friends.

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