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What are best tools to automate social media posts?

I bet you’ve heard how important it is to post regularly, even daily and multiple times a day if you want to build a business online.

The truth is that there is so much competition now that if you don’t post regularly, you’ll miss out.

Your audience will stop following you because they’ll see someone else post regularly.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t have enough time in a day to do it all!

So, what’s the solution?


Automation to the rescue

If you didn’t know, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest and Twitter allow you to schedule posts ahead of time.

You can create a dozen or hundreds of posts ahead of time and schedule them so they post at the same time every day, or at specific times.

This means you can create all your content for the month if you want in one or a few days and then you are done for that time.

Pretty cool right?

What about LinkedIn?

Unfortunately, LinkedIn does not let you schedule posts ahead of time.

Check this article out.

As you can see from the article, if you want to automate posting on LinkedIn, you still can.

You have to use 3rd party automation tools and I use a few.

The cool thing about 3rd party automation tools

That brings us to the tools I use.

What I love about them if that you can create a post and share it to multiple platforms at the same time – even schedule for specific time.

I use these tools:

  1. Buffer lets you create once and done queues and share to top 5 networks – read the blog to learn more about how I use it.
  2. OnlyWire lets you share to 20+ networks from RSS feeds – read the blog to learn more about how I use it.
  3. Social Jukebox lets your reuse posts in a never ending queue and share on top 3 networks – read the blog to learn more about how I use it.
  4. IFTTT (if this then that) lets you create connections between networks using applets to perform actions which include sharing on social networks.

That last one has served me well in the past but with their recent changes, I’m not sure what their future holds.


With these tools, you can share to your networks using scheduling.

Depending on your content or audience, you can create tons of posts and share them automatically on a specific day and time.

Or you can setup repeatable postings such as every 30 days, post link to a blog post you did.

I love using automation, it’s a real life saver when you are busy (and who isn’t)

Watch the video above to learn more and please share, you never know who needs to hear this.

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