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How to syndicate your content to over 20 platforms daily?

What if you could create content once and share it to over 20 platforms in less than an hour a day?

I’m sure you know that the more eyes you get on your content, the more your audience will grow.

But it takes so much time to create content and share it to all the platforms, right?

Not if you automated things!

What does my daily process look like?

Every day, well, week day, I create a new piece of content and share it to over 20 platforms.

I do that during my lunch break.

It took me a while to be able to do that within an hour, but now my process is pretty stream lined.

I create a 30 minute video in the morning and upload it to a server in the cloud that I have remote desktop to.

I start a script that runs for about 1 hour which extracts the following from it:

  1. Full length WAV file
  2. Regular JPG Thumbnail for videos
  3. Square JPG Thumbnail for podcasts
  4. 600p GIF for email and posts that support GIF
  5. Short video with trailer

At lunch time I share to the main platforms and then automation does the rest.

My lunchtime process

Here’s the steps I go through at lunch time:

  1. Write and publish my blog post.
  2. Extract text from blog and put in plain text files
  3. Run script to generate all post text (for Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc…)
  4. Post short video to LinkedIn on my profile
  5. Post short video to LinkedIn on my page
  6. Create article on LinkedIn
  7. Share my profile post to 7 LinkedIn groups
  8. Create Facebook live on all my pages from short video using OBS
  9. Share Facebook live to my profile
  10. Share Facebook live to a dozen groups
  11. Upload short video to IGTV
  12. Upload short video to Pinterest
  13. Upload full wav file to SoundCloud
  14. Upload full video to Click eCourse
  15. Upload short video to Click eCourse

What does automation do?

The rest is done by automation

First, the SoundCloud upload is shared to iTunes and Stitcher

Next, the Click eCourse short video upload is shared to Alexa Skills

Finally, the blog post is shared to many other social platforms with OnlyWire and Social Jukebox

  1. Blogger
  2. Tumbler
  3. Pocket
  4. WordPress org
  5. Reddit
  6. Twitter


Finally, I create new posts in Social Jukebox and a new aWeber email broadcast scheduled for later.

As you can see, it is possible to share to over 20 platforms every day.

By creating a single video and then extracting pieces from it, you can create multiple pieces of content that can be shared to a lot of different places.

With 1-2 hours a day, you can share to over 20 platforms!

Make sure to watch the video as I explain this in more details.

Share this with your friends that are struggling to grow their audience.

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