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How to add and watch a course on Click eCourse platform?

Are you on Click eCourse site (at https://clickecourse.com) looking at the course?

Has someone sent you a link to a specific course hosted on Click eCourse platforms?

Did you create an account and added course but can’t find it anymore?

Maybe you just want to know how to start a course that you added to your library.

Let’s explain how use the site as a student for each of those scenarios.

Searching for courses on Click eCourse

When you go to the Courses page on Click eCourse (https://clickecourse.com/courses) you see a bunch of courses.

You can display the course list in 3 different ways by click on the display type icons.

The options are:

  • Image only
  • Image and info
  • List

You can also search for specific text in the title or description.

For example, to see only the Facebook courses, you’d type Facebook in the search box and click the search icon.

You can also enable the price display on the courses list and sort by price.

Adding a course to your library

Before you can add a course to your librabry, you’ll need to register an account.

I show how to do that in the video, but you can also see that in this blog post: Course Income Secrets #220 – How to host your course for Free on Click eCourse platform?

Once you access a course’s page, or perhaps click a link given to you for a specific course, you’ll see the course’s information or sales page.

If the course is free, you’ll see a yellow button that says Add to your library.

When you click that button, you are taken to page that says it’s been added and you can start it.

Finding courses in your library

Once you’ve added courses to your library, you can find them by going to your account by clicking your profile picture on top right.

And then clicking the library tab

Starting a course

When you add a course to your library, there is a yellow button that shows up which says You may now start the course.

You can start the course by clicking that and it will take you to the first lesson and start playing the video.

If you do not start the course right away and then find it later in your library, when you access it, you’ll see a big pink button on top of screen that says Start Course NOW.

Once you’ve started the course, the platform remembers where you left off.

It knows which lesson you’ve completed and which one you were last on.

It even remembers exactly where in the lesson you paused or stopped the video.

You can even switch devices or computers and resume there.

The button on the top of the screen changes to Resume Course

and the lessons you’ve completed show up in green.

Commenting and the feed

You can add comments to courses and lessons.

It’s also possible to reply to existing comments.

The feed will show those comments when the algorithm chooses too.

You can comment on exiting feed elements as well.

By clicking the Add Comment button, entering the comment and clicking the Save button.

Which will add it to the feed item.


You will also want to learn about becoming an affiliate as you can earn generous commissions on course sales or platform memberships.

I show you how in the video, so make sure to watch it.

There is so much much more you can do.

Remember to share with your friends too.

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