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LinkedIn Stories is here! How to record a story and share it to 7 story platforms?

Isn’t that cool?

I opened up my LinkedIn app on my phone and see stories now on top.

Of course I started using LinkedIn stories right away.

How to use LinkedIn Stories?

Like other Stories platforms, you can record a video from your phone.

In LinkedIn stories, you can record up to 20 seconds.

By comparison, in Snapchat it’s 60 seconds, in Instagram, it’s 15 seconds and in Facebook, it’s 20 seconds as well.

Click your profile picture on top of the screen with the little + on it.

You will be taken to your camera view but if you have a story already added, it will start playing it in which case you need to click the New Story button on bottom.

By default it shows the rear camera, but you can flip it.

Click the big button on the bottom to start recording.

When you start recording you’ll see a red line circling around from top to right, then bottom then left and back to top again.

You can stop recording by letting go of the button or it will stop automatically when it goes all around.

Once you’ve completed your recording, you can add text and stickers to your video before adding it to your story.

Watch the video in this post for more details.

Syndicating to 7 story platforms

You can, of course, record a video for each story platform.

However, each platform allows uploading but not all the same formats.

I create stories for all these platforms on a daily basis:

  1. Snapchat
  2. Instagram Stories
  3. Facebook page stories
  4. Facebook profile stories
  5. Facebook messenger stories
  6. TikTok (not really story, but a 60 second video)
  7. LinkedIn Stories

Because each platform has different requirements, you need to do it in a particular sequence.

I explain it all in the video of this blog post, but here’s a few details

Start by recording in Snapchat

I record the initial video in Snapchat instead of TikTok or my phone camera.

Snapchat allows you to record a full 60 seconds in one video.

Snapchat allows you to save video without any identifying marks

By recording in Snapchat, I won’t go past 60 seconds as I could do if I used my phone video app.

Note that you can record 60 seconds in TikTok, but it must have your TikTok handle in downloaded video

Next I upload to Instagram Stories

I do this next because of the errors I’ve seen in the past with Facebook direct story upload of a long video.

Instagram will split the video into four 15 second videos

I can add different text to each video

I can’t add a swipe up link (yet) to my Instagram stories so I add it as text.

More in video

I explain the rest of my process in the video so make sure to watch it.

In the end, you have to make sure you do what is best for you and your audience.

For me, it’s about reaching as many people as I can and having them come to my blog.

I hope you enjoyed this episode and if you have any question, I’m here to help.

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