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How to build your Personal Brand the right way on Social Media?

I’m sure you’ve heard that you must brand yourself these days.

Everything is about Personal Branding.

And I bet you probably know pretty much what that means.


How does that translate to social media?

What is Personal Branding?

Let’s first make sure we’re on the same page.

We will define what Personal Branding is, or rather why my definition of it is.

There are obviously more than one way to define it but for me it’s rather simple.

Personal branding is the process of documenting and publishing what truly matters to a person, their values and mannerisms that make them unique.

It’s the process of making that information available in a public forum.

When you are branding yourself, you are letting people know what you stand for, what your life is about, what your goals are and what your struggles are.

Personal Branding and business

If you are building a business, online or off, there are some things you would want to exclude from your branding efforts.

Anything negative or that can be seen as negative should not be made public in the beginning.

People do not want to hear about all our struggles, unless we found a solution and they can use it too.

In the end you want to attract people to you…

and to do that, you need to be attractive to them.

I’m not talking about your physical appearance but rather your values, your experiences, your knowledge.

Social media and Personal branding

I often talk about attraction marketing as well when I bring up personal branding and social media.

You probably already know that what you are really wanting to do is build the know, like and trust factor.

Simply put, the more someone trusts you, the more likely they are to buy from you.

On social media, your goal is to attract people to you.

Although there are times when talking about your problems and struggles attracts the right people, most times it does not.

This is why we talk about being inspirational with your posts and your actions.

The steps you can take

Even though there are a lot more things to learn and to do, I found that these 10 steps really help to get a good start.

  1. Set good profile picture
  2. Make your posts public
  3. Don’t post company or product name
  4. Choose single strategy
  5. Brand your name
  6. Be congruent
  7. Define your DMO
  8. Engage on everything
  9. Connect daily
  10. Learn the 80/20 rule

You might agree with some and not be sure about others in this list and that’s certainly fine.

I explain these a lot more in the video and in the eBook you can get at https://MasterOfSimple.com for free.


Watch the video to really get a grasp on what I’m trying to convey here.

I show you a lot of the details in the eBook which I called The Top 10 Simple Online Strategies that Actually Attract Customers and Team members to YOU.

There’s also 10 companion videos that go into more depth.

Share with your friends as they need to see this too.

Appreciate you always.

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