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Quick overview of the Click eCourse hosting platform

It’s time for another quick overview of the Click eCourse platform (at https://clickecourse.com).

You might know what it is, so you can skip past the first part but let me start there for those who don’t know.

Click eCourse is a Course Hosting platform with extra social media features you won’t find anywhere else.

You can host and sell your course on the platform of course.

Keep 100% of your sales

We don’t take any additional fees on your sales, so you get to keep 100% of your profits (less the fees charged by our payment processor).

You can choose to give away commissions to others who promote your course too.

Other platforms will charge you a minimal fee per sale or a percentage of your sale or a hefty monthly fee

On the paid plans, you can create more courses and even upload video files to the server instead of having to use YouTube links.

What makes Click eCourse different?

You might be thinking a course hosting site is a course hosting site.

The biggest difference with Click eCourse over other platforms is that it integrates social features right into the platform.

We even give you a free WordPress blog site all your own.

People can comment on your course and lessons.

They can send you private messages.

You can even setup promotions (which you get some free on the paid plans)

Other platforms focus on a school, we focus on a community

A school is great but…

It’ certainly a great thing to be able to setup your very own school.

With just your own courses…

and just your students that you can communicate with.

But wouldn’t it be cooler to have a university?

Even a worldwide community of all kinds of students and teachers

The best part

The best part is that you can earn side income too from referrals.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get a little something when your friends go see a movie you told them about?

What about a kickback when your friend goes to a restaurant you mentioned?

Well, with Click eCourse, it’s like that.

I’m not saying you plaster a link and spam people with it but if you ever know someone who is looking for a course hosting platform, or even just a social media account that isn’t controlled by a big company.

You can give people your referral link and if they ever sign up for a paid plan, you’ll get paid a percentage of their monthly fees.

More to come

We are working on many new major features as well.

For example:

  • Groups – you’ll be able to create public, private or secret groups
  • Pages – you’ll be able to create a public page for a business or a brand
  • Friends – you’ll be able to connect and control who sees your stuff
  • Grapes – you’ll be able to completely customize your course landing page and create funnels and capture pages using simple WYSIWYG editor
  • Syndication – you’ll be able to easily prepare a collection of media to syndicate a single video to over 20 platforms.

Watch the video for a sneak peek of the new Groups feature.

As always, share this as your friends need to see it too.

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