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How to name your company plus I need your help! What should I name mine?

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One of the things that is really important in today’s online business world is your company name.

It used to be that you would just name your company something generic.

I remember the first company I incorporated was called GAAJ Services Inc.

I called it that because I was into stock markets and I saw a company called MAAX Holdings… so I used my last name and first name initials and put two “A”s there.

What’s the problem with generic names?

You can certainly have a generic name as a company name.

As a matter of fact, in Canada, you can incorporate a company with just a number and it’s cheaper.

The problem though is that you want people to know what your company does when you name it.

Something like “Top Notch Construction” is great, but would you call them for any construction work, or would you call a plumber, a drywaller, a painter or a roofer instead based on the job needed?

I know someone can search for roofer and still find your company in list but a name that is descriptive is much better.

BTW, you can have an incorporated name that is different that your “running business as” name, at least in Canada.

Choosing your company name

Obviously, the first thing you want to do is come up with a name that describes your company activities and why people you contact you.

That doesn’t mean you have to name your company that though.

The next step is to search for names that mean the same thing – so synonyms.

You can just google that but you’ll probably end up on a site like theasaurus.com

Play around with different words – click around a site like that.

Another great suggestion is to ask your friends or your fans what they think.

What do I need help with?

All right, let’s get to the bottom here.

As you know, I created the course hosting platform called Click eCourse.

It’s grown into a lot of additional features besides course hosting, mainly because of my needs, such as:

  • Course Hosting and Affiliate sales
  • WordPress blog hosting
  • Social Media platform with news feed, profiles, friends, groups and business pages
  • Webinar chat editing
  • Syndication asset creation
  • Affiliate programs
  • Funnel builder site builder
  • Membership site builder
  • Email responder tool

Note that some of these features are still in development at the time of this writing.

I need help to decide on a company name

How can you help?

You can send me your company name ideas.

But if you want a prize, you’ll need to follow some steps.

What can you win?

First, you’ll get free Extreme plan for 6 months (worth $900) just for sending in your suggestion

Second, if you make it to the top 5 names, you’ll earn a lifetime extreme membership – worth too much to say, but it’s $1800/yr for life.

Finally, if your suggestion is picked as the winner, you get fame by recognition and shout-outs. You name, bio, picture and url will be where everyone can see it.

How to apply?

To enter your chance to win, you must do the following:

  1. Register for a free account on Click eCourse at https://clickecourse.com
  2. Research your name idea to make sure the domain can be used with funnels, course, social, blog, etc… (not all but some)
  3. Submit your name suggestion as a Support ticket on the click eCourse site at https://clickecourse.com/support?a=new

That’s all you need to do, simple right?

I’ll announce the top 5 when I have enough suggestions.


Your company name is not the same as your personal brand.

If you are trying to sell courses online, you don’t need a company name.

Watch the video to see why you’d want to submit your suggestion the way I explain.

Share this with your friends, the more the better.

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