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What are the rules of engagement to grow your audience and make sales?

How do you really get more sales on Social Media?

It’s by having more people see your offer, right?

Are you getting no views and no clicks on your posts?

Yeah, that’s what happens to me too

What are the rules of engagement?

What do I mean by “rules” of engagement?

In war, it’s all about what you should and shouldn’t do when engaging the enemy.

Even in war, there are rules you must follow – like only fire on soldiers with weapons or don’t capture civilians.

Obviously, we aren’t talking about these types of rules here.

I’m talking about engagement on Social Media… or really online… and even offline.

Offline rules of engagement

When we are offline, trying to build a business or sell a product or course, it’s pretty much all about people knowing you.

When you go to a business fair or a trade show and you have your booth, people will come see you and ask questions.

The ones who remember you will remember you because of what you asked them – not what you answered them.

So you’d ask them questions – lots of questions and you’d show interest in their answers by asking more about it, right?

Online and social media world

It’s no different online.

The rules of engagement on Social media are pretty much based on this too.

The difference is that the platforms control who sees us.

It’s like if there was a curtain in front of booth at the trade show so no one could see it but it had a super quick open/close mechanism that let people looking see behind it.

Problem is that the number or times the curtain opened was based on how many people we talked to outside of our booth.

Imagine, you start the trade show with a curtain that never opens and as you go out and talk to more people outside of your booth, the more it opens.

That’s kind of what the social media platforms do.

If you just post stuff, no one will ever see it, so, how can they like and comment on it?

How to get engagement?

So, how do you get engagement on Social media platforms these days?

It’s all about reciprocity.

Go “out there” and start engaging on other people’s stuff.

React to their posts…

Comment on their posts…

Go to their profiles directly using your Friends list or Follower list…

Find their connections.

The more you do that, the more the platform will show your stuff so that others will start to comment and engage on it…


Then what happens if you will start to grow your audience.

People will start to know what you’re about.

They will start to like you and trust you… then buy from you.

Amazing, right? Simple too. (but I didn’t say it was easy)

Watch the video for more details and examples.

Share with your friends, they need to see this too.

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