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How can you post daily everywhere with just 1 hour a day?

If you’re trying to build a business online, like any other business, you need sales and to get sales, you need prospects.

On social media, that means fans that learn to know, like and trust you.

To get more fans, you need to create content of value and post it so more people see it because they’ll only become fans if they see your stuff enough.

This is why they say you need to be posting daily and why you’d want to post on as many platforms are you can

The pitfalls of posting everywhere

The dangers of posting everywhere is overwhelm.

You really need to know the platforms before you do this.

That’s why it is recommended to focus on a single platform when you first start out.

That being said, once you are comfortable with the platforms you want to post to, it’s possible to get really good at posting everywhere.

You just need to be well organized and do the same thing every time.

Where do I post every day?

Every day, I create a new episode by recording a video and uploading it to YouTube (#1).

I write a blog post like this one (#2).

Then I share posts on LinkedIn (#3), Facebook (#4), Pinterest (#5), Instagram (#6), Click eCourse (#7) and SoundCloud (#8).

Automation then shares to Blogger (#9), Reddit (#10), Tumblr (#11), Pocket (#12), WordPress (#13), Instapaper (#14), Twitter (#15), LiveJournal (#16), iTunes (#17), Spotify (#18), Google Podcasts (#19), Stitcher (#20) and Alexa Skills (#21).

Finally, I schedule an email broadcast on aWeber (#22) and share a story on Snapchat (#23), Instagram Stories (#24), Facebook Stories (#25) and LinkedIn Stories (#26) and a video on TikTok (#27) .

And I do all that in about an hour a day.

Crazy right?

I mean, 27 platforms a day, I never thought I’d be able to do that!

How can you post every day everywhere like this?

Of course, you could reproduce my process.

I explain it mostly in the video – make sure you watch it.

But, if you’d like a simpler way.

Maybe you’re not a geek like me.

Maybe you’d like a way to just click a few buttons.

I can help you with that too.

And today, you get a huge bonus.

I am working on a syndication feature on Click eCourse.

Basically, you’ll be able to supply a video and text and the platform will spit out all the pieces you need to syndicate (or share) to as many platforms as you want.

What you get

With a free account on Click eCourse, you can prepare assets from your video and text.

The platform will generate for you the following assets:

  • Audio file for upload to podcast platform
  • Short video for social platforms with maximum video length
  • Thumbnail JPG for video uploads or blog post featured image
  • GIF image to share in emails or other platforms
  • Text for Facebook post
  • Text for LinkedIn post
  • Text for Pinteret post
  • Text for YouTube post
  • Text for Twitter tweet
  • Text for Instagram post
  • Text for email broadcast

Depending on your settings and your source assets (such as intro video or outro video), what you generate can change.

Once you’ve generated all the assets, it’s as simple as downloading to your PC to share them and using cut-n-paste to post.

However, the free account is limited to 4 syndication mastering per month.

The limited time offer

I’ll give you a free 6 month upgrade worth $900 which will allow you up to 120 syndication mastering per month.

Why am I doing this? What’s in it for me?

I am hoping you will like it enough to stay on after the 6 months, and, I won’t lie, would hope you tell your friends about the amazing platform (you can get commissions if they buy)

What d’ya gotta do to qualify?

Keep in mind this is limited to those who request it in next 10 days.

If you read this blog after then, chances are the offer will no longer be available.

All you need to do is the following:

  1. Register for a free account at https://clickecourse.com
  2. Enter a support ticket asking for early access to Syndication
  3. Wait for us to approve your request and enable your account upgrade

That’s it.


You can share to more than 20 platforms a day every day within an hour if you automated it all.

Watch the video to find out how I do it so you can do it too.

Or get access to syndication feature on Click eCourse.

Please share as your friends really do need this too.

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