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How to share longer video than social media allows?

Did you know that sharing a YouTube link of your long video to social media is not a good way to share those videos?

The problem is that the platforms don’t like links to outside.

They would much rather you post native content.

LinkedIn’s maximum video is 10 minutes…

Pinterest is 15 minutes.

Twitter is 2 minutes 20 seconds!

So, how can you share a native video if it’s 30 minutes?

Creating native videos from long one

The simplest thing is to cut your video to the length the platform wants.

You could trim your video to 10 minutes and post it to LinkedIn that way.

You could trim it to 2 minutes for Twitter.

That’s not too hard to do.

Every video editing software lets you do that.

You can even trim your video on most phones these days.

What are you trying to accomplish online?

You gotta ask yourself what you are trying to do though.

I know that for me, it’s about growing my audience and getting more sales.

The way I do that is by having people join my email list and sending them valuable content.

If that’s your goal too, then you’ll want to include a call to action in your posts.

Adding the call to action

You could just trim the video to the shorter length and add a call to action to the post.

Problem is that most people who watch the video will not read the post.

So, what do you do?

Well, what I do is add an outro to the video I trimmed.

Basically, I have a video I append to the end of the cut video that tells them it’s part of a longer video and how to see the rest of it.

I fade out the sound and video between the two and I also read the text so that the sound from the video can be used in a podcast too.

Adding a blog post to go to

You could direct them to your YouTube channel or Facebook page but I would highly recommend a blog intead.

The problem with sharing your social account is that you don’t own it.

You never know who can report you to the platform (for no good reasons) and you could loose the account.

By having your own blog site, you are in control (BTW, you can setup your free WordPress site at https://clickecourse.com/blog)


If you want to share your longer video on social media, you’ll want to create native versions for each platform.

This means a shorter video you can share as an upload on each platform.

Personally, I use a script to automate the process.

It takes the long video, strips the end and appends an outro with a call to action to take them to my blog.

In the end, you want people to become your fans.

Watch video above to see how I do it and share this post with your friends who are building a business online.

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