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Is it better to post Daily or Weekly content?

That’s a great question, right?

You probably know that I post daily but you might not know that I’ve been posting daily since 2015.

I hear leaders say that posting once a week is good enough.

Your fans can’t possibly keep up with your daily content.

You’ll loose fans if you post daily.

Why post daily or weekly?

For me, I think it’s about the reason you post.

You gotta ask yourself if you are posting to grow your audience or to nurture your audience.

I agree that if you have an audience already and you’re not looking to grow it, posting weekly is probably best.

However, if you are trying to grow your audience, you’ll want to keep posting daily.

Sure, your quality won’t be as good as if you spent the whole week creating it, but let’s be honest… will you really spend more time creating the content if you do it weekly?

Why Should you post weekly?

Personally, I think I would post weekly if I was happy with the size of my audience and I didn’t have the time to do daily content.

It’s hard for me to imagine that I would ever want to stop growing my audience though, for me.

I guess it depends highly on what your goals are with your audience.

If you are looking to become a coach and spend time with them in one on one sessions and that’s what you really love doing, then there’s a limit to how many you can server each week.

On the other hand, if you’re like me, and want to automate everything so that you aren’t personally involved with their purchases, then you will really never want to stop growing your audience.

That’s why I post daily and will always post daily.

The bonus – sharing everywhere!

If you want to post daily like me… you’ll also want to share everywhere!

But that takes time, right?

Imagine, posting to 20 platforms every single day!

That could take your whole day and then there’s no time for anything else.

What if I told you that you could do it all within about an hour a day!

Imagine, posting on 20+ platforms every single day and still have tons of time to do everything else on your list.

How to post everywhere?

If this is interesting to you, the read on…

The way I do it is that I have a script (a computer program) that I run which takes the video and text from my blog (along with a few other assets) and generates all the content for all the platform posts.

All I have to do after is cut-n-paste text and upload the content.

Pretty simple right?

Well, not that simple if you’re not a geek like me.

The solution for normal people

All right, you’re not a geek like me.

What if I told you that you could just upload your video and click a few buttons and all the content would be created for you.

That’s right, just click and play!

If you’re interested, all you got to do is this:

  1. Register an account with Click eCourse at https://clickecourse.com/register
  2. Create a support ticket to let me know you want in on the beta syndication program
  3. I will upgrade your account and give you access to the beta for free for at least 6 months.

Awesome, see you there.


It really depends on your goals with your audience and where you are in your journey to post daily or weekly.

Some would even say posting monthly is good enough.

I say as long as you want to grow your audience, you should be posting daily.

And to post everywhere, you’ll want to automate it as much as possible.

Join the beta syndication program on Click eCourse to share to all platforms from one video.

Don’t forget to watch the video as I show you how I do it.

Share as many of your friends are wondering this right now.

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