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Where can you setup your new free WordPress blog in 5 minutes?

Wouldn’t it be crazy if you could have your very own blog in less than 5 minutes?

How cool would it be if it was even totally free!

There are lots of places where you can setup a blog for free but not that many where you have 100% control of everything.

If you are trying to generate income online and are using personal branding and attraction marketing, you need a blog.

What is WordPress?

Ok, maybe you don’t absolutely need a blog but I think it helps with lots of things.

WordPress is an industry standard for blogging.

There are many other platforms you can use to blog, like Tumblr, Blogger or Wix but WordPress is the most used.

You can check out what WordPress has to say but we captured the just of it at https://clickecourse.com/blog

How to setup your Blog in less than 5 minutes

It’s really super simple to setup your Blog on Click eCourse. Just follow these easy steps:

  1. Register free account on Click eCourse
  2. Go to your account’s blog tab
  3. Enter your details and click button to activate blog

Let’s go through each of these steps

1- Register your free account

Go to Click eCourse.com and click the registration link (or go to https://clickecourse.com/register)

Then click the Continue as Facebook button or enter your email and password.

Unless you used the Continue as Facebook button, you’ll then get an email with an activation link.

Either way, you are now logged in.

2- Go to your account’s blog tab

Once you are logged in, you access the blog setup by clicking the big green + on top right.

And then you click the WP Blog link in the popup.

Or you can click on your profile menu and then the blog link there.

That will take you to your Blog setup page.

3- Enter details and activate blog

The first time you go to your blog page, you’ll see it says it’s not activated.

You will want to enter your information (although much of this will be defaulted)

When you click the button to activate your blog, you’ll see a popup showing it’s being activate for about 30 seconds.

After which you’ll see that it’s activated.

That’s it.

Once it’s activated, you just need to login to the backoffice (click the Manage your blog site link) and you’ll be able to add posts, change theme, install plugins, configure menus, add pages and more!

Watch the video to see much more about that.


It’s easy to setup your very own WordPress blog on Click eCourse platform.

You don’t need to even use the rest of Click eCourse but we’re hoping you will want to of course.

Don’t forget to watch the video (click image below) to get more details on setting up your WordPress site.

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