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You want to learn how to share to 20 platforms a day in 30 minutes?

If you follow Gary Vaynerchuck, you know he’s everywhere.

Of course, he has a team of 1000 posting for him, well, maybe not a 1000 but he’s not doing it alone.

How can you possibly post everywhere without a team?

How is it possible for me to post to over 20 platforms with just 30 minutes a day?

It’s possible – and I will show you how!

How is it possible?

If you check social media, you’ll see I’m posting every day pretty much everywhere.

I also have a day job and a family and usually go to bed at 9pm!

So, how it’s possible that I have enough time to post everywhere?

Well, one thing is I do get up at 5am, so I have a few hours before the day starts.

But that really only gives me time to create my 30 minute video and my blog post.

So, how can post to all those platforms? (and how can you do that too?)

Where can you post?

If you’ve seen my previous posts on syndication, you know that I post to all these platforms and you can to:

  1. YouTube
  2. My blog
  3. LinkedIn
  4. Facebook
  5. Pinterest
  6. Soundcloud
  7. Instagram
  8. Twitter
  9. Click eCourse
  10. aWeber (email to list)
  11. Apple iTunes
  12. Amazon Alexa Skills
  13. iHeartRadio
  14. Spotify
  15. Stitcher
  16. TikTok
  17. SnapChat
  18. Google Podcasts
  19. WordPress org
  20. Tumblr
  21. Blogger
  22. Reddit
  23. Pocket
  24. Instapaper
  25. Livejournal
  26. Facebook story
  27. Instagram story
  28. LinkedIn story

You can do this too.

All you need to do is generate the audio from the video, trim a few copies of the video with a fade out and append a CTA to, create a few thumbnails and prepare a dozen text files.

Easy, right?

Not so easy without automation

Yeah, it took me quite a while to automate the creation of the assets I needed for all these post.

Now, it takes me about 5 seconds to generate all these assets (I just start a script and wait about 10 minutes):

  1. Full Audio from video (for Soundcloud and iTunes)
  2. Short 2 minute video with faded ending and call to action (CTA) end (for Twitter video)
  3. Short 5 minute video with faded ending and call to action (CTA) end (for Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest)
  4. Video thumbnail JPG (for Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest and Click eCourse)
  5. Podcast thumbnail (for soundcloud and Click eCourse)
  6. GIF thumbnail for aWeber broadcast email
  7. Text for YouTube post
  8. Text for Facebook post
  9. Text for LinkedIn post
  10. Text for Soundcloud post
  11. Text for Pinterest post
  12. Text for Instagram post
  13. Text for Twitter post

Then I take about 30 minutes to share to 9 platforms as well as a do a story post.

Automation shares to the others using OnlyWire.

You want early access to syndication asset generation platform?

For a limited time, I will be granting free access to my syndication asset creation platform.

Since it’s still in beta, you need to request access by doing the following

  1. Register a free account on Click eCourse by going to https://clickecourse.com/register
  2. Request to join the syndication beta by entering a support ticket by going to https://clickecourse.com/support?a=new
  3. Wait to be added to beta (should take less than 24 hours)


You can watch the video to see more of how I do my automated process today.

Also get a sneak peek at the syndication asset generation platform.

Share this with all your friends, they want to know about this too.

P.S. You can earn commissions if you share the platform as well.

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