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Should you be posting on single platform or on all of them?

I bet you’ve heard people tell you to focus on one platform but you see all the leaders posting everywhere!

So why are they telling you that if that’s not what they are doing?

Don’t do what I saw, do what I do!

As I ponder this question, it reminds me of how I got started online.

My mentors told me the exact same thing, focus on one platform and not to switch until I got results from it.

It did make sense.

I mean, I was just starting out, so it was a lot to learn all those platforms, not to mention the tactics, strategies, tools and techniques!


Benefits of single platform focus

There are lots of benefits to focusing on a single platform.

To start with you learn all about it and don’t get distracted by things you can only do on others.

Next, you get a lot more engagement on your posts because you are active on the platform.

This translates into connections and conversations which is all we really need when building a business.

Why do leaders post everywhere then?

Maybe you’re perfectly happy with the results you are getting by focusing on a single platform.

The main reason leaders post everywhere is because they can.

And because they have the money to pay people to post for them.

So, how can you do the same being all by yourself and not having the budget to post everywhere?

It’s really all about scaling and that’s why I prefer the lost interaction because I know that over time, that’s how you scale and grow to way – and I mean way way – beyond what you are capable as a single person.

What do I get from posting everywhere?

Before we talk about how you can do it, let me share some of my results.

For example, on Facebook, I post daily videos to the Course Income Secrets page and got 169 video views in last 7 days – not a ton but good considering the page only has 23 likes. (please like the page)

On YouTube, I post the full videos and got a dozen plays – again not great but ok considering I do not promote it and have only 208 subscribers. (please subscribe)

On LinkedIn, I also post a shorter version of my video and usually get around 50 views

Pintrest though is probably the best performing platform for me right now. I get thousands of views per videos and often per image as well.

Then there’s TikTok on which I get a 1 or 2 hundreds views.

Of course there’s all the audio platforms and it all adds up to people seeing my content and engaging with it.

You can get there by learning everything I learned.

I can show you what I do (I actually do in past posts)

How can you do it too?

How would you like to be able to post everywhere you wanted to in 30 minutes or less?

Seriously, what takes the longest is preparing the content, extracting the audio, trimming the video, preparing the text for the posts and creating the thumbnails.

What if you could do all that by clicking a few buttons?

Would that be interesting to you?

You will soon be able to use an automated process that allows you to do this:

  1. Upload video
  2. Enter title and text
  3. Find position in video to create a thumbnail
  4. Click button to product assets to post with

After clicking that button (and a few minutes or processing), you’ll end up with assets like this:

  • A 2 minute trimmed video for Posting to Twitter.
  • A 5 or 10 minute trimmed video to post to Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or Pinterest.
  • A thumbnail for your video upload to YouTube, Facebook or Pinterest.
  • An audio file to post to SoundCloud or other audio platforms.
  • A square thumbnail to use on Instagram or audio platforms.
  • A dozen text files to cut-n-paste to post to all your chosen platforms.
  • a GIF you can use in emails to show moving video style.
  • And as many other assets as you want

Your bonus for reading this far

If that sounds like something you’d use, read on.

In the next few months, this feature will become available to paying members of Click eCourse but you can get it for free.

If you’re willing to accept a few little bug and issues as we develop this more, I’d like to invite you to join our beta.

By requesting to join the beta, you will have free 100% access for at least 6 months after we release it officially.

All you gotta do is register a free account and enter support ticket to let us know you want in.


Watch the video to find out more and see what my take is on the focus on one versus post everywhere.

I also show you a sneak peek at the new syndication platform and exactly what you need to do to get in on the beta.

Let your friends know about this too, they’ll love you.

P.S. Did you know you could earn up to 75% commissions from paying members by referring them?

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