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What is better than the Gary Vee Syndication Content model?

Have you heard of Gary Vaynerchuck (better known as Gary Vee)?

I first heard him speak on a stage at Go Pro event in 2015.

He was full of opinions and had a real potty mouth lol

Regardless of that, he’s a well known and respected social media marketing expert.

Love him or hate him, he definitely knows his stuff.

What is the Gary Vee Content model?

Before I even try to tell you what is better than the Gary Vee Syndication Content model, let me explain what it is.

About a year ago, Gary Vee decided to post on his blog something titled:


You can certainly go look it up, it’s totally awesome.

He explains how he and his team post content every day to all the major platforms.

He talks about video, podcasts, images, text, doodles, photos, memes and stories.

He explains how you can screen shot a tweet and share the image to Instagram for example.

He also talks about making the content relevant to the platform and the audience.

The problem with the content model

The big issues with this model is that even though Gary says it takes just a few minutes a day to do, you’ll find that it takes a lot longer for you to do.

I mean, seriously, he’s been doing it forever and has a team of 30 doing most of it for him.

Of course you can get there in time, but it’s not going to be today or easy.

It’s an amazing model and process to follow and I definitely do not want you to think for a second that I disagree with it.

As a matter of fact, I do that myself all the time.


What is better?

My mentor Marc Lalonde (the Wealthy Trainer) taught me how to use Gary’s content model and re-invented it as the Octo Content model.

He taught us how to take a single video and generate from that video all the assets you need to post to different platforms.

It’s also super important to bring people back to your hub.

When I say hub, I mean your list or your blog.

By bringing people to your blog, you can have them fall into the rabbit hole of your content.

That’s when they’ll really get to know you, like you and trust you.

However, even creating all the assets from a single video takes time.

Not only do you need to load up the video into your editor and run the extraction, but you need to create the text for each platform, extract the audio and create the trimmed videos.

All that takes time…

Time that you don’t have because, well, you have a life, right?

What’s even better?

What if you could generate all the assets by clicking a button?

Imagine, you upload a video, type in some text and click a button.

Go off and have a life…

Come back after a bit and you have all the assets you need to post to all the platforms you want.

Assets like a trimmed video to post on Twitter (the max there is 2m20s) or one for LinkedIn (max is 10m) or Pinterest (max is 15m).

Or assets like images, thumbnail for your video on Facebook or Pinterest.

How about audio files for iTunes podcast, Amaon Alexa Skills or other podcast platforms (Stitcher, Spotify, iHeartRadio, Google Podcasts, etc…)

Not to mention the text you need to use to post on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Soundcloud, etc…

Where can you find out more?

Wouldn’t it be totally amazing to be able to do that with just the click of a button?

Sure, you still need to create the content, but you do that just once.

I’d love to have you on my LIVE Webinar, this Tuesday at 7pm eastern.

You can register at http://2HrWorkDay.com

Why do I call it the 2 hour work day?

I explain it all in the webinar – go register now!


I know Gary Vee is amazing and his content model is a gift from above.

If you’ve been creating content, you know how difficult it is to be everywhere and be consistent too.

Watch the video to learn more

And share with your friends – just click the icons on the left side of the page.

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