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How can you post native content to top platforms in minutes a day?

They say to be omnipresent but how do you do that when you only have a few minutes a day?

Is it possible to be omnipresent without spending 8 hours a day creating content?

Or without hiring a team of 30 like Gary Vee has?

I can honestly say that it is possible since I’m doing it.

And I’m going to tell you how I do it so you can do it too.

First though, let’s talk about native content…

What is native content?

You might be tempted to share you posts across platforms, like your YouTube video link to Facebook or LinkedIn.

The certainly works and the platform does show the preview of the video as it should.

Problem is that the platforms have algorithms to decide if your post should be shown to others in the feed.

Anyone can always go to your profile and find your post, but not many do that, if anyone.

In any case, this algorithm has a “if post has link” check and if so, it reduces how many people see you post to almost no one.

Oh right, back to what is native content!

Native content means that you post the video or image on the platform, not a link.

It’s also a good idea to make it specific to the platform by changing the text or adding something to the image or video.

How can you create content in minutes?

Once thing people ask me is how can I possibly do all this content for all the platforms in a few minutes?

I mean, seriously, it takes about 15 minutes to load up a video, trim the end, add trailer and save it.

If I need to do 3 trimmed videos (a 2 minute one for Twitter, a 10 minute one for Pinterest and a 15 minute one for LinkedIn), that’s 45 minutes right there.

And that’s only for 3 platforms – not to mention the text and the posting time.

What about audio extraction for podcasts?

Or image creation for podcast art, video thumbnails or Intagram?

How about stories???

How do I do it?

Not sure if you know this, but I’m a programmer.

I like to tinker with things and create web sites.

I am just like you, I would do all those tasks every day (well, not that great if you look at my posts from over a year ago)

I even hired a VA to do lots of it last year.

But since learning about the Octo Content Model which basically teaches all you need to know to post to the top 8 platforms by using a single video as the source… I automated it.

That’s right, I created a way for me to just click a button.

And, yeah, you can too.

Click a button

Imagine recording a video and writing up the text (like a blog) and clicking a button!

That’s it’s just click a button to create all the native assets you want!

Wouldn’t that be insanely amazing?

You click a button and you get all this:

  • Thumbnail for YouTube upload
  • Text for YouTube upload
  • 10 minute video for LinkedIn
  • Text for LinkedIn post
  • 15 minute video for Pinterest
  • Thumbnail for Pinterest video
  • Text for Pinterest post
  • Audio for your Podcast
  • Text to add to your podcast upload
  • Image to use as your podcast thumbnail
  • 2 minute video for Twitter
  • 280 character text for Twitter
  • Text for your email broadcast
  • GIF image for your email broadcast
  • and as many more assets as you want

For example, you could choose to have different text assets for 10 different Facebook group posts if you wanted.

Each could have a different footer such as different hashtags.

Reproducibility and consistency

The really cool thing is that you do the setup once and every time you create a new video, you can generate all the same assets.

I mean, they are all the same format and structure but their content is based on the new video for that day.

For me, re-doing the same thing over and over is just not an option.

I have to automate it.

and the cool thing is it becomes automatic!


Go to https://clickecoourse.com/syndicate to learn more about this button you can click on!

Also, watch the video to learn more about what I talk here.

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