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How to easily use daily videos to create a podcast on iTunes?

Have you been recording videos every day and thinking it would be great to also have a podcast on iTunes?

Maybe you thought of starting a new recording just for audio but you just haven’t found the time to do both.

You could use a tool to extract the audio and then upload it to a audio hosting platform.

What if I told you that you could simply upload the video (or use the already uploaded YouTube link) and that’s it?

I’ll show you how to do that in this post (and the video)

Start by creating daily videos

The first thing you’ll want to do is create daily videos.

I’ve been doing daily videos since January 2016.

I started by creating quick 5 minute or so lives in Facebook and then would upload them to YouTube and write up a quick blog post for it.

Now I do 30 minutes videos and share them to over 20 platforms every single day!

You don’t have to do that when you start of course, just do a short video.

Host your videos on Click eCourse

You could extract the audio from your video and upload it to a audio hosting platform.

But why do that if you don’t have to.

On Click eCourse (https://clickecourse.com), you can put in the YouTube video link (or Facebook or Vimeo) and the platform will extract the audio for you.

The cool thing about it is that you can also share the videos directly from the platform as well so if people want to see the video, they can see them all in one place.

Registering your free account

The first thing you’ll need to do is register your free account.

Just go to https://clickecourse.com/register and enter an email and password or, better yet, just click the “Continue with Facebook” to speed things up.

If you enter an email and password, you’ll need to click on the activation link you’ll get in an email.

No need for that if you use the Facebook login – that will get in right away.

Audio extraction and RSS feed

The free account does not include the audio extraction or the RSS feed you’ll need.

Just go to the plan page (https://clickecourse.com/plans) and select the plan you desire.

All plans support the audio extraction and the RSS feed, starting at $10 a month.

Click the Select button on bottom and then setup payment with PayPal (no need for PayPal account to pay with credit card)

Create a course to contain the videos

Once your account is setup, you can create a course to host your videos and audios.

Click the big green + and then Course to start

Enter the title, summary and details for the podcast.

The rest is more important if you want to host your videos as a course but for a podcast you really just need to specify the thumbnail.

Add lessons/episodes to your podcast

After you created the course, you need to add lessons to it.

Each of these lessons will be a podcast episode.

Click the Add Lesson link on bottom of course description.

The lesson creation page will popup and you just need to paste the YouTube (or Facebook or Vimeo) link to your video.

Save it and it will download the audio for you.

Once that’s one, click the edit icon.

Set status to Published

Set the publish date.

Do this for each episode you want to add and every day that you create a new episode.

Adding your show to iTunes

Once you have your show on Click eCourse, you can then use the RSS feed to share it to any number of podcast platforms.

Find the link to your show by clicking the Feeds link.

This will reveal the RSS link to your show.

You can then right click the link to copy it and paste it in iTunes submission process.

Use same RSS feed for others

The really great thing about this is you can use the same RSS feed URL to share your show to all these:

  • Spotify
  • Stitcher
  • iHeartRadio
  • Google Podcasts
  • Amazon Alexa Skills
  • and many others…


it’s really easy to setup a podcast from daily videos

You just need a place to host the videos (like YouTube) and enter them in Click eCourse course page.

Watch the video to see how to do it with step by step instructions.

Share this by clicking the icons – your friends will thank you – and so will I.

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