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Step by Step guide to creating your own Course on Click eCourse

If you want to create a course online, you have lots of options.

Many platforms out there charge a fee to host a course or to sell your course.

I’d like to show you how to setup your course on Click eCourse platform – for free.

If you didn’t know, I’ve created a course hosting site for my own courses called Click eCourse.

It’s a site that not only lets you host your own course for free but also is a platform with many features that marketers would want.

What can you do on Click eCourse?

For starters, you can create your own courses on Click eCourse, obviously.

Your students can keep track of where they are in the course, even switching from one computer to another or even to their phone.

The platform includes a WordPress blog, a syndication engine, a news feed, personal profile, private messages and soon groups, pages, email manager and funnel creation.

For now, we’ll just focus on creating a course and your options for course creation.

Differences with free and paid plans

There are 5 different plans on Click eCourse

Until you create an account or login, you’ll be on the anonymous plan.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll be on the Free plan.

The list of features can be found at https://clickecourse.com/plans

Pricing goes from $10/m to $150/m and there are many differences in the feature set but for the purposes of course creation, it’s really more courses.

The main thing you’ll want to know is that on the $10 plan you can automatically extract audios from your videos and can use RSS feeds to create podcasts from your videos.

And on the $30 plan, you can also host your videos directly on the platform instead of requiring to have videos on YouTube (or Facebook and Vimeo)

Step 1: create the course

The first thing you’ll need to do is create your course skeleton.

The course is what will be accessed by students and it contains lessons and files.

To create your course, simply click on the big green + and select Course in the drop down.

You will then see a popup where you need to enter the course title, summary and details.

Enter that information and click the next button on bottom.

You will see the SEO/Hashtags page, then the Header page, etc..

You can also click directly on top tabs to navigate directly the tab you want. For example, you can edit the cover image by clicking that

Browse for an image on your computer to set the cover image.

You can click Done right now or use next until all steps are done.

Step 2: Adding lessons to your course

A course without any lessons is not a course.

Once you’ve created your course, you can add lessons to it.

As a free member you can add up to 20 lessons and have 2 courses. This means you could have a single course with 20 lessons, two with 10 each or 1 with 5 and the other with 15 lessons.

On the $10/m plan, you can have up to 100 lessons and on the $30/m, 300 lessons.

Adding a lesson is as simple as clicking the + next to lessons and entering your YouTube URL (or Facebook or Vimeo URL).

With the $30/m plan and up you’ll also be able to upload video directly from your computer.

You’ll want to edit the lesson after with any of the details like title, summary and details or the thumbnail and make it public too.

Do this for as many lessons as you need.

Step 3: Publish your course

Once you have created all the lessons, you’ll want to publish your course.

Just click the Edit course button.

Go to the Access tab and set the access level you want.


After publishing your course, you can then create a deal or coupon and share your course with prospective students.

You’ll want to watch the video as I go into more details on all of this.

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