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The 2020 Election, social media and being omnipresent

What does the 2020 Election have to do with social media and being omnipresent?

Before I get into that, as of the time of this writing, the standings were like this for Donald Trump at 213 and Joseph Biden at 227.

There’s an awful lot of red even though Trump is behind.

So, social media and being omnipresent…

For one thing, politics is definitely a social media thing.

What do politicians know about social media?

Obviously, I don’t know what they know, but from their activities, I can guess that their campaign managers definitely know that they must use social media

If one thing is for sure, it’s that politics is a personal branding and attraction marketing effort at it’s best.

If you want to know how to brand yourself, look at what politicians are doing.

Whoa – whoa, yes, I know, there’s some scrupulous behavior out there and I’m not saying to forget integrity.

What I am saying it take the actions they are taking and reproduce that.

Donald Trump in business

I’m not sure about Biden, but I know that Trump is a business man (I’m not going to debate good vs. bad here though) and he knows how to use the media.

He also knows how to manipulate facts which isn’t something I’d recommend for your online presence.

But, what we can learn from Trump is that you need to be everywhere.

You need to be omnipresent.

Being Omnipresent

What does being omnipresent mean today?

Well, on social media, it means to be posting on all platforms, right?

To do that, you need to learn all the platforms, how to post on them but more importantly, what kinds of assets you need.

For example, on LinkedIn, you can post images, text and videos, but only 10 minute videos.

On Twitter, you can post text, images and videos as well, but only 2 minute 20 second videos and only 280 characters of text.

On Pinterest, it’s 15 minute videos and images with text.

I could go on, but you get the idea…

Don’t post links

One thing that is common on all platforms is that you can post a link.

That would make it easy to simply create a blog post or even just upload a video to YouTube and share that link on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and others…

Problem with that, is that the platform doesn’t like you posting links to other platforms.

They want their users to stay on their platform and not go elsewhere.

That’s what when you post a link that not too many people see it.

I even tried it and after 4 hours of posting a link on Facebook, and even asking people to comment, I got no engagement and no comments.

Post native content

So, that means you should be posting native content.

Create a 2 minute video to post on Twitter.

Create a 10 minute video for LinkedIn

Create a 15 minute video for Pinterest…


Pretty time consuming, right?

Imagine creating all these videos, then the images and the text for each of the platforms, crazy, right?

The easier way

There is an easy way.

You can create a video, say 30 minutes long, upload it to YouTube and use our syndication asset creation engine to generate all the other pieces you need.

Check it out at https://clickecourse.com/syndicate


The engine will generate all the assets you need (which you can completely customize) and then you can post.

No more wasted time creating multiple videos or tracking how much text a platform allows.

Watch the video as I show you exactly how to use this.

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