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2020 Election numbers and what that means to your success online?

There are lots of numbers when you look at an election, right?

Right now, as I write this, Trump is at 214 and Biden is at 253 wins but the amount of red (Trump) on the map seems to be so much higher.

So, that brings up the question of numbers – what numbers are the important ones?

Yeah, I know, that’s not a good question since in elections it’s pretty well defined but I guess my point is that depending on how you look at it, you might come to different conclusions than others.

Numbers and your success online

How about someone who’s not in politics?

If you’re building a business online, you have lots of numbers to look at too.

Like, me, my numbers are pretty low, on average, but once in a while, you’ll get crazy results.

For example, when I look at my YouTube channel, I don’t even get 10 views per video, but one got 20k views and another 2.6k views.

On TikTok, I’ll get close to 200 views per video yet some will be less than 10.

However, I was able to get one with 6.3k and another with 221k views.

Tracking your numbers

Of course, you need to be posting to find your numbers but there are also pixels and tags you can use from analytics platforms or from your social platform.

I’m not doing that great of tracking it all and I’d like to get there but the first step is integrating with tracking platforms.

Once such is Google Analytics.

Go to https://analytics.google.com/analytics and setup your free tracking account.

From there, you’ll want to find the tracking code and add it to your web site.

On WordPress, you would add it to the headers.

You’ll need a plugin – I use Insert Headers and Footers plugin

You will also want to create your Facebook Pixel, your Pinterest tag, your LinkedIn insight tag as well as setup your Google Tag manager tags.

Adding tags to your other sites

It’s beyond the scope of this post to show you how to do all the different tags but you can easily look up how to do it on each platforms.

Once you have the code for them, you can add each one to the header code on your WordPress or other web site.

One thing to keep in mind is that the Google Tag manager lets you add just the one tag to your web site and then you can add other tags later to Google Tag manager and not have to go back to the site to add the other tags.

For example, do this:

  1. Create Google Tag
  2. Add Pinterest Tag to it
  3. Add LinkedIn Tag to it
  4. Add Google TAG code to your web site(s)

Suppose you have 20 web sites that you have to add the code to, you’ll need to add the same tag code 20 times.

Later, if you want to add your Facebook Pixel to the Google Tag, you can just add it in the Google Tag manager once – you don’t need to add it to the 20 sites.

Without the Google Tag manager, you’d have to add your Facebook pixel to the 20 sites.


Keeping track of who does what on your site is important to the extent of knowing what is going on.

Just remember that even if your number of views are low, it doesn’t mean you aren’t affecting people.

They are watching you.

Watch the video to learn more.

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