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Top 10 Attraction Marketing Tips to Grow your audience

Back to basics Fridays!

This is episode 260! That’s a year of daily videos (week days) – 52 weeks are 5 videos a week!

Crazy, right?

Well, I decided I will make Fridays the day I talk about basic on online marketing and today, we’ll get into attraction marketing.

What is attraction marketing?

First, let’s try to define marketing itself.

I’m not a total expert, but looking up marketing online, you get a definition like this:

Marketing refers to activities a company undertakes to promote the buying or selling of a product or service.


So, that’s a lot of things right?

Well, attraction marketing is about those activities that are specifically tailored to attract people to your product or company.

More specifically, to get them to know, like and trust the product of company.

How should you use attraction marketing?

It should come as nop surprise that you should be producing content designed for people to do that for your company or product.

However, you should really be the product.

This is where personal branding comes in.

That is the process of getting people to know, like and trust YOU.

Why you ask?

Simply put, people buy from those they trust…

No one will trust someone they don’t like…

and no one will like someone they don’t know

The basic of attraction marketing for your personal brand

As explained above, you are the product, which is why you should be using personal branding.

What that means is that you produce content and post with the intention of getting people to know you.

The process is such that after people see you enough (i.e. they start to know you), they will like you and eventually trust you.

That’s your real goal…

Not selling them something…

Just keep in mind that you want people to get to know you and the rest will happen natural.

Top 10 tips

With that in mind, let’s get into the the top 10 tips to properly attraction people to you and grow your audience of people who trust you.

You’ll notice on the sidebar of my blog the image to the Top 10 Simple Online Strategies that Actually Attract customers and Team members to You.

You can also go to https://masterofsimple.com to get it.

Just enter your name and email and you’ll receive it in your inbox.

The tips

Here they are

  1. Set a Good Profile Picture
  2. Make your posts public
  3. Don’t post company or product name
  4. Choose a single strategy
  5. Brand your name
  6. Be congruent
  7. Define a DMO
  8. Engage on everything
  9. Connect daily
  10. Learn the 80/20 rule

I go into more details in the video on each of these tips


Make sure to watch the video to find out more

If you implement these 10 tips, you’ll be well on your way to growing your audience full of fans that know, like and trust you.

Then you’ll be able to sell them anything!

Of course, stay honest and have integrity otherwise you can loose all that in a heartbeat.

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