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How to create your Perfect Webinar from Expert Secrets by Russell Brunson

Have you heard of Russell Brunson?

You gotta read the book Expert Secrets!

In it, he details what he calls the Perfect Webinar script.

It’s a framework to put together a webinar that sells.

Imagine, a webinar that sells

Why doesn’t a webinar sell?

One thing that he really explains well is why a webinar doesn’t sell.

You’ve got this great product you want to sell, so you prepare slides and you know you’ll show your best stuff and people will want it.

You teach so much good stuff that you know people will love it and buy your stuff.

Problem is that no one buys!


Because you are teaching everything they need to know, why would they need to buy your stuff?

The 3 parts to perfect webinar

As I’m preparing to do my weekly webinar for the 3rd week in a 52 week sprint, I’m reminded how bad it is.

Sure, I’m smart and I can teach good stuff, but I’m really not ding it right either.

The 3 parts I need to define better are:

  1. Introduction
  2. Content
  3. Close

Simple, right?

Part 1: Introduction

I’m actually still planing my webinar right now.

It’s all about content syndication and omnipresence on Social media

So, in the introduction to your webinar, you should define:

  • Your Bold promise (ruler)
  • Hook to the end
  • Command Attention
  • Qualify yourself
  • Future pace

I’m going to go more into details on all these in tomorrow’s episode.

Part 2: The Content

The content might feel like it’s the most important part of your webinar.

You’d think it’s where you’re supposed to teach your best stuff, right?

Wrong – this is where you do the following:

  • Secret #1
  • Secret #2
  • Secret #3
  • Break and build their belief patterns

Sounds pretty basic right?

Why can’t you teach your best stuff?

What are these secrets?

It depends on your webinar, but I’ll go into that in a future episode as well.

Part 3: The close

The close is where you will get sales but they way you do it will probably be different than you’d expect.

You might want to be a “nice guy” and just tell them the price and then get them to order it.

That doesn’t work though – people need to be nudged.

Problem is, if you do it wrong, they’ll think you’re a pushy sales person.

So what do you do?

You need to make sure you have:

  • The Stack
  • Trial closes

Once again, I’ll go over these things in a future episode.


For now, you can watch the video to get a better idea of where I got all this from.

I even order the Perfect Webinar Script live in my video.

I’m going through the course right now so I can improve my webinar but also so I can teach it to you.

Come back in the next few days and I’ll reveal it all.

In the mean time, join my journey by registering to my weekly webinar at http://2HrWorkDay.com

See you there.

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UPDATE: Get the entire Perfect Webinar Framework for only $7 at http://pw.jeansergegagnon.com (hurry though, not sure if that deal will be there for long)

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