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Creating Your Perfect Webinar part 2: The Introduction

Yesterday, I talked about the Perfect Webinar from Russell Brunson.

He talks about it in his book Expert Secrets and I am excited to try to setup my webinar using the perfect webinar framework.

Since I’ve been doing webinars, I thought it would be a great time for me to teach what I learned

If you didn’t know, my webinar is about being omnipresent and you can register at http://2HrWorkDay.com

What is the perfect Webinar?

In case you missed it yesterday, I’ll cover a bit what the perfect webinar is.

The perfect webinar is a framework to better understand what a great webinar would be like

It describes the 3 parts: Introduction, Content and Close

and helps you to put together all the slides you’ll need

What’s different about the perfect webinar?

The main difference between a traditional teaching webinar and a perfect webinar is the fact you don’t really teach anything.

Funny to say but if you teach anything and tell them all they need to know, why would they buy anything from you at the end?

So the main focus of the perfect webinar is instead to break and rebuild their belief patterns.

We’ll get more into that tomorrow though.

Today, it’s about part 1, the introduction.

Introduction to your Perfect Webinar

The first part of the perfect webinar is the introduction of course.

The introduction consists of these parts

  1. Bold promise (ruler)
  2. Hook to end
  3. Command Attention
  4. Qualify Yourself
  5. Future Pace

Let’s dive into each of these

1- Bold Promise (ruler)

You start your webinar with a bold promise.

This is what you promise them they will learn by the end of the webinar.

Russell calls it the ruler because that’s how they will judge you by.

They will either be happy or not with what you teach if your promise is fulfilled.

That’s why you must give the promise to set the ruler – if you don’t you can’t know how they will judge you.

2- Hook to end

Next you want to offer them something in return for staying until the end.

Whatever it is you offer them needs to be something they’ll want.

It needs to be what your audience is interest in, something they can’t easily get anywhere else.

You can use curiosity here but be careful with that.

Being honest and transparent is still the best way to go here too.

3- Command Attention

You really need them to pay attention to you but how do you make them believe that?

My take on this is that they need to believe that if they don’t give you their full attention, they will not gain whatever your promise says they’ll get.

If they let distractions take over, they will miss out.

Tell them to turn off their phone, close all their social media tabs, close their emails, lock their family out.

It’s important that they focus on you.

4- Qualify yourself

Obviously, they need to believe you and trust that you know what you’re talking about.

Here, you’ll introduce yourself a bit but mainly you want to explain why they should listen to you.

What have you done that you are about to teach them how to do?

Why should they believe you can teach them all that?

What is it you had to go through to learn all that?

5- Future Pace

What is future pacing?

It’s the process of putting someone in the future in their mind.

Tell them something like this:

Imagine how it would be in 1 year from now (or 2 months or 6 months or 5 years)… you are … you have learned… you get… you have… doesn’t it fell awesome to know that you got all this because you decided to take action today?

Use this to make them feel good about taking action today.


So that’s what the Perfect Webinar Introduction is all about.

Yesterday, I bought the Perfect Webinar script and training…

Today, tonight, I’m doing a webinar on omnipresence…

Tomorrow, I’ll talk about the webinar content.

Watch the video to learn more.

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UPDATE: Get the entire Perfect Webinar Framework for only $7 at http://pw.jeansergegagnon.com (hurry though, not sure if that deal will be there for long)

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