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Creating Your Perfect Webinar part 3: The Content

Yesterday, we talked about the Perfect Webinar and the Introduction.

In case you’re just tuning in, the Perfect Webinar is something that Russell Brunson teaches in his book Expert Secrets which you can get from http://books.clickecourse.com

The Perfect Webinar is a framework the defines the 3 sections.

Introduction, Content and Close.

As mentioned, yesterday was about the Introduction, so if you missed it, you can find it here: https://jeansergegagnon.com/course-income-secrets-262-creating-your-perfect-webinar-part-2-the-introduction/

Previous to that, I did an episode as an overview which is at https://jeansergegagnon.com/course-income-secrets-261-how-to-create-your-perfect-webinar-from-expert-secrets-by-russell-brunson/

The content

The content in your Perfect Webinar is obviously going to be where you teach your best stuff, right?

I mean, this is the meat of your presentation.

This is the part where everyone will know how smart you are and how much you know about the topic, right?

Well, not exactly…

Even though that’s probably how you feel and what you were taught in school to do when you put together story with an introduction, content and conclusion, that’s not what you want to do in your webinar.

Why not teach?

Why would I tell you not to teach your best stuff?

Russell explains it this way.

If you teach your best stuff, there won’t be any reason for them to buy what you are selling.

I can tell you from experience that it is true.

And I can add that it makes perfect sense.

Think of it this way: If you fill them up with a bunch of great knowledge and new tips and tactics, they will want to go implement those things.

If you try to sell them something after that, they’ll just be thinking they don’t want to learn more until they’ve implement the stuff you taught so they won’t buy.

What to do instead?

In the Perfect Webinar, you instead talk about your One Thing, the 3 secrets and all the while work to break their limiting beliefs.

That’s why you only see that in the Perfect Webinar Content section.

What is the One Thing?

The biggest part of your content in your Perfect Webinar is the One Thing.

What is that?

It’s what you want them to learn or focus on.

It’s normally the title of your webinar as well.

The template for the one thing is:

How to _________________

without ___________________

So for example, my webinar was:

How to be Omnipresent on Social Media like Gary Vee without hiring a team of 30 or spending crazy hours producing content.

Or, Russell’s webinar was:

How to Instantly add High Ticket Sales to your sales funnel without You Personally talking on the phone… Ever!

Another example for weight loss could be:

How to loose 10 pounds in a week without dropping carbs from your diet.

What are the secrets?

The next ting in the content of the Perfect Webinar are the 3 secrets.

These should be things you learned with your one thing that helped you to achieve the result.

You will want to get into them in more details during your webinar.

The goal of them is to reinforce the One Thing.

And to show that their curent belief is not correct.

You’ll want to use stories that each secret is related to.

These stories need to bring up emotional reactions in your attendees so they can better understand.


Obviously, there’s a lot more to all this and you might want to get the Expert Secrets book or even the Perfect Webinar Secrets course to dive deeper into this.

Watch the video as I explain this in more details.

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UPDATE: Get the entire Perfect Webinar Framework for only $7 at http://pw.jeansergegagnon.com (hurry though, not sure if that deal will be there for long)

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