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Live Step by Step guide to Creating your Perfect Webinar

Over the last few days, I’ve learned a lot about creating a webinar that sells.

If you’ve never heard of The Perfect Webinar framework, it was created by Russell Brunson and he talks a lot about it in his book Expert Secrets (which you can get at http://books.clickecourse.com)

He also has a great training on it at perfectwebinarsecrets.com

It’s really amazing and you should get it but I’ll try to give you my perspective on it.

The parts of the Perfect Webinar

Just like any other good composition, your Perfect Webinar should have these parts:

  1. An Introduction
  2. The content
  3. The close (conclusion)

If you want o go deeper into each of the sections, I invite you to go check out my other posts:

What I’d like to do today is show you how I am implementing these things I learned into my own webinar.

What do I need to answer?

To that end, I’ve come up with a list of things I need to know the answer to before I can create my Perfect webinar.

  • What is my offer? What am I selling?
  • What is The One Thing my offer will give them?
  • What are my audience’s 3 limiting belief?
  • What are my epiphany stories that broke the 3 limiting beliefs for me?
  • What is my stack?

What is my offer?

My offer is a 1 year membership to the click eCourse platform.


What it really is, is what that allows them to do.

So, my offer is really 1 year access to a tool that allows them to generate all the assets they need to syndicate a single video to 20+ platforms

What is The One thing?

As you probably know by now, the most important thing about properly defining in your webinar is to know what is “the one thing” you are offering your prospects.

Russell gives a great tip to figure it out if you’re not having success.

Just use the phrase “How to _____ without _____” and put in first part what they want and in second part what they hate and don’t want.

In my case, it’s

How to Be Omnipresent on Social Media like Gary vee without hiring a team of 30 or spending crazy hours every day!

In case you’re interested in seeing my webinar where I go all out using the Perfect Webinar framework, you can register at http://2HrWorkDay.com

What are my audience’s 3 limiting beliefs?

This is what will become the basis of your content.

It will be converted in your 3 secrets.

My audience believes the following:

  1. I don’t have the time to create all the assets to be omnipresent
  2. I don’t have the money to hire a team to be omnipresent
  3. I don’t know the tools to create the assets to be omnipresent

These 3 limiting beliefs are what is stopping them from taking action.

The 3 secrets, then become:

  1. It takes just a few minutes to generate all the assets!
  2. You can generate all the assets yourself!
  3. You don’t need to use any tools, just a website and click a button!

My epiphany stories that broke the 3 limit beliefs

I won’t go into a the details in this post, but you can see the result in the webinar I mention above.

1- don’t have time

I was using a bunch of tools, video editor, image editor, audio extractor and others to take my video and extract each asset. That took a lot of time.

Then I would want to post on a new platform and needed to learn more tools and take more time to generate yet another asset.

I noticed that I was basically doing the same thing each day but was just changing the video and the text.

I’m a programmer and I hate doing the same thing more than once.

So, I created scripts and programs to automatically create the assets each day.

Then I created a web site that you can use too.

It literally takes me 2 minutes to create all the assets now.

I just upload, enter a bit of text and click a button.

You’ll have to attend the webinar to see what I do for limiting beliefs #2 and #3.

The stack

Since what I’m selling is $300, I’m going to put together a stack that includes item worth at least $3,000

I’m not exactly sure right now, so I can’t put it in this blog post, but I will put it together for the webinar.

I’m sure I will tweak my stack and other things over time.

My plan is to to this webinar every week for 52 weeks.

Since I started it on Oct 27th, 2020, that means it will be on Oct 26th, 2021 that will mark the 52nd week.


You really need to watch the video to get a lot more insights into the Perfect Webinar.

I cover a few things in the video I didn’t cover here and vise-versa.

Hope you create your own Perfect Webinar and I’d love to hear about it.

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UPDATE: Get the entire Perfect Webinar Framework for only $7 at http://pw.jeansergegagnon.com (hurry though, not sure if that deal will be there for long)

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