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Social Media basic dos and donts in 2020

When I look back, there are lots of things I did wrong and lots I did right too.

I would do things that I thought were okay, then I’d hear someone say not to do it…

but I’d always question everything…

That’s good but it can also be bad.

Take advantage of me

How can you take advantage of me?

Well, I just mean learn from my mistakes of course.

You wouldn’t really be taking advantage of me since I’m telling you to do so, right?

I did the same thing but, as I said, I wasn’t very good at believing it.

You don’t have to take my word for it but I can tell you I’ve been down that road and there’s a lot of wasted time.

Access all my tips for free

Of course I have been posting little tips for online success for almost 5 years now.

I would post 5 minute videos on my walk to work called Simple Online Strategies.

I’ve put them all online in an easy to navigate platform and put a price tag of $49 although you can get them for free on social media if you know where to look.

Or if you go to this coupon link, https://www.masterofsimple.com/course/simple-online-strategies/14/?coupon=blog2020, you can add it to your library for free

As well as the Course Income Secrets at https://jsg.clickecourse.com/course/course-income-secrets/79/?coupon=blog2020

My biggest donts

The top donts on social media that I did are:

  • Do NOT grow your Facebook fans by thousands (or more) a day
  • Do NOT post links
  • Do NOT post company and product names (or images)
  • Do NOT spam people your links or cut-n-paste messages

I’ve done all these things and I’ve learned from them

There are reasons why you should not do these things.

Facebook will put big black marks on your account if you try to get Likes on your page using methods they consider no okay.

Think about it, it’s their platform, they make the rules and they want to make money, right?

Even though it took a year or so for my pages to get banned after doing some pretty cool advertising tricks to get penny Likes on my page (it’s normally $2-$3 per Like), they eventually maked my page (and my profile) as someone who doesn’t follow their rules.

Do you want that too?

Anyway, that’s just an example of why you don’t want to do that.

The biggest Dos on social media

The biggest things you should be doing on social media are:

  • Make your posts public
  • Control the conversation
  • Post every single day
  • Share to all the platforms even if you don’t engage
  • Be yourself

I see this all the time.

People post to their friends only and are trying to build a business online.

Then you go post in public groups and those who like their posts can’t see what they are about when they visit their profile.

Make your posts public so people can see you are worthy of a connection or a message.


Watch the video as I discuss a lot more about this.

I show you how to access all my tips to get your going in the right direction.

There are over 500 tips you can implement – most are 5 minutes to listen in.

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