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Webinarjam with aWeber and the Perfect Webinar framework

Since I’m doing a webinar tonight using the perfect webinar framework (you can register at http://2HrWorkDay.com), and I needed to do my email, I thought I’d show you my process.

The tools I use are aWeber and Webinarjam but this process would be similar with most tools.

The idea is that you’ll want to send different emails to your registrants based on their actions.

What actions do you want to capture

It all depends on how complicated you want to make your integrations and you might not need to do this right away.

But over time you’ll probably want to implement emails for all these:

  1. Registration
  2. Attended full live webinar
  3. Attended only part of webinar (left before pitch)
  4. Missed webinar
  5. Watched full replay
  6. Watched only part of replay (left before pitch)

The perfect Webinar template suggests 3 emails to registrants and 3 emails post attendance.

Obviously, you don’t need to start with everything in place and you’ll be tweaking as you go but the more of this you have, the better.

Creating your email list in aWeber

Before you do anything else, you need to have an email list in aWeber (or your auto responder)

This list needs to have a welcome email and a sequence for new subscribers.

Then it needs campaigns that an be triggered from tags being added to subscribers.

Regardless, once you have the list created (no need for emails yet) you can integrate it to Webinarjam.

Integrating Webinarjam with aWeber

During the creation of your webinar in webinarjam, you’ll find an option to integrate with your auto responder.

From the aWeber integration panel, you choose which list the get subscribed to upon registration and then you can add tags based on their behaviors.

You’ll want to set the rules for the various behaviors we discussed before so you can trigger email campaigns when they do those actions.

Adding trigger actions in aWeber

You will want to go to your list and then select Messages -> Campaigns

From there you can create multiple campaigns.

For example, you might have one which will send them an email if they leave the webinar before they see the pitch.

You’d do that by setting the trigger to them getting the tag you defined in webinarjam being applied.

Then, in that campaign, you’d send them an email related to that.

Creating an email Campaign in aWeber

The process to create an email campaign is relatively simple.

First, go to your list, select Messages and go to Campaigns.

Next, click on Create a Campaign button

Select the template to use. I usually just create a blank one.

Give it a name, like “Missed Webinar” and click Create button.

Since we are adding campaigns to take action based on tags applied in webinarjam, you’ll want to select the Tag Applied trigger.

Next, you’ll put in the tag for the campaign, for example “missed_webinar”

To add the message, just click and drag the Send a Message button

and let it go in the blocks area

Then click the Create a Message and create your message.

This will add a message to the sequence.

You might want to also add a tag after a few days to your subsriber

Finally, you’ll need to activate the campaign.


You’ll want to do the same for all the campaigns you decided you needed.

Make sure to watch the video as I go into more details about all this.

Also, please share with your friends using the social icons on the left.

UPDATE: Get the entire Perfect Webinar Framework for only $7 at http://pw.jeansergegagnon.com (hurry though, not sure if that deal will be there for long)

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