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What do you need to get people to your Master Class?

Before you can host a successful master class, you need a few things to keep track of who is attending.

Unless you want to just deliver it in a Facebook or YouTube live session, which I don’t recommend, you’ll want to get these things setup.

There’s definitely a lot to do to host a master class and I’ve been talking about it a lot since I’m preparing to do one myself.

Let’s get you setup for a successful master class.

Preparing the basics

The main things you’ll need to get people to your master class are the following.

Of course, you will need to figure out how to get people to it, but this is what you need to be professional.

  1. A Place to host the course
  2. An email list provider
  3. A Funnel creating service

These are important to have if you want to scale and have a successful course later on as well.

Let’s get into more details on each of these

1- A Place to host the course

It probably feels like something you don’t need until you actually deliver the live sessions and get the recordings, but, trust me, you’ll want a place to host the course long before you have the course.

There’s a few reasons why this make sense.

First, you can gather people in the same place whether they get the master class for free, get it at a discount before it’s recorded or pay full price later on.

Having this setup in very beginning will allow you to do all that and people can get more information from there.

Secondly, having them in the “course” before it’s a course will allow you to gather more information by reaching out to them and get feedback.

You can then send them a link to the course on the platform so they are in your world.

I use Click eCourse – setup a free account at https://clickecourse.com

2- An email list provider

Next on the list is the ability to email anyone interested in your master class.

With an email list provider, you can send them emails before, during or after the master class.

You can send them your broadcast emails too if you have that going on.

Keeping track of who has asked about your master class with Facebook messenger or YouTube comments isn’t very efficient if you want to have over 10 people buy your course.

I use aWeber to create a new list for my master class and send them the link to the master class on Click eCourse.

You can setup a free account with aWeber at http://aWeber.JeanSergeGagnon.com

3- Your Funnels

Lastly, you’ll need a page where you can ask for their email address.

This can be done with the forms in aWeber (or other auto responders) but those do not have all the features you’ll eventually want.

Personally, I prefer Click Funnels for this as they really have amazing customizability and integrations.

You can create multiple page funnels to get people on your list, add upsells or other offers to sometimes even eliminate your ad costs.

You can get a free 14 day trial at http://cf.JeanSergeGagnon.com

Your live delivery

You will also need to know how you will be delivering your master class live.

Even though it’s possible to use Facebook Live or YouTube live to deliver a master class, it’s got lots of limitations.

I’d highly recommend a webinar hosting platform even though they cost, they really give you lots in return.

You could try to do the free route to start but you might find it limiting.

Personally, I’ve used these platforms:

  • Expertise TV
  • WebinarJam
  • Zoom

Each has some advantages and drawbacks.

For example, Expertise TV has a whole community platform around it and you can stream live to Facebook.

Webinar Jam has an amazing automated webinar platform as well.

As for Zoom, the interaction and quality really shines when you have 3 or more webcams going at same time.


You could deliver your master class with none of these and keep track of attendees in a spreadsheet or other manual means.

It really depends on the scale…

Do you want 10 people to attend or 100?

Do you want to sell 10 or 1000 after you deliver the master class?

I bet you want to sell 10,000!

Watch the video to see more on this and don’t forget to share using the social icons, your friends will thank you!

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