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How to catch up after some time off?

Another year is behind us and I took lots of time off between Christmas and New Years.

Now I have to catch up.

I would just skip a week but that doesn’t feel right to me.

What is your daily activity?

The first thing you need to ask yourself is what is your daily activity.

I mean, what did you not do while you were off?

For me, it’s quite a few things but that’s because I choose to do those things.

Why not plan ahead?

One thing I should have done is plan ahead.

Why didn’t I?

Mainly because I didn’t even think about it because I actually thought I’d have enough time to do what I normally do.

I had planned to work 4 hours a day to keep up but that made me realize that even though it takes me about only 2 hours a day, it’s not contiguous time.

What I discovered

It’s crazy how you don’t realize how you work without being put in the situation where you need to be clear.

During the week, I wasn’t able to accomplish all I wanted because my time is not linear.

It may be the same for you, try to accomplish your daily activity in a bock of time to see.

Catching up

Now, I need to catch up.

I could choose to skip a few episodes and I did give that some thought, but I decided I wanted to keep my episode numbers even.

For me, it’s about posting videos to YouTube, creating my blog posts and then the assets for each episode.

Then I need to post on Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, SoundCloud and Click eCourse.

The part I will need to be careful about is the sharing to groups.

I do also need to setup my email broadcasts and my automated sharing with Social Jukebox.

After today, I should be mostly caught up.


As you might have noticed, this episode isn’t as long as others and as good (I think).

By making it a little shorter, it means less time to catch up.

Starting tomorrow though, it’s back to normal.

I will need to perhaps change my strategies though as I am finding I’m not able to accomplish other things I need to do.

Watch the video for more insights on this topic.

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