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How to use LinkedIn to grow your business?

If there’s one social platform you should be using to grow your business, it’s definitely LinkedIn.

You might want to jut use it to find a job too.

It’s really the most business oriented of the social media platforms right now.

Even though it’s becoming more and more used similarly to other platforms, it’s still the best for business growth.

Why LinkedIn?

When you think of LinkedIn, you’re probably like most of us and just think of a job resume.

It really is used by job seekers to find new jobs and recruiters to find new employees.

A few years back it was an afterthought but now, many companies and recruiters won’t even consider someone who doesn’t have a LinkedIn profile.

Especially in the IT (computer industry) field, which I am part of.

What do you need to do?

To grow your business with LinkedIn, you’ll need to do the following

  • Have a great profile
  • Have lots of connections
  • Have conversations with your connections
  • Eventually offer them help
  • Then finally, sell them your service or product

The first step to growing your business with LinkedIn

Before you can even consider using LinkedIn to grow your business, you’ll really want to make sure your profile is complete.

It’s important to present yourself in a way that others will see you as professional.

They will also check out your profile if you message them to see what you’re about.

I’ve put together a free course on how to setup your profile for success.

Go get it at https://www.clickecourse.com/course/linkedin-profile-secrets/70

You just need to create an account to access it for free (you’ll be able to keep track of where you are in the course more easily)

Reaching out to your connections

One thing you might notice about LinkedIn is that you can only send messages to 1st level connections.

Any other connections (i.e. Friends of Friends) requires the premium account.

Personally, I have never paid for that and I don’t really like getting messages that show the sender has the premium account.

I do understand some jobs require it and there’s other reasons than messaging for it, but it’s just my perception I guess.

Because of that, I decided to grow my connections and today have over 16k connections.

How can you get 16k connections?

You got to start somewhere.

I started just like you with 100 or 300 connections using my email list or Facebook friends.

But, I found a way to grow my connections by over 1000 a month.

Just like any other platforms, there are maximums and limitations to growing too fast, but using the same tactics I used, you can do the same.

I did create a course that I sell for $150 but because you are reading this post, you can have it for $25 – just until Feb 28th, 2021 though. After that, you might still be able to get it at $75, not sure if that deal will still be available either.

Get the LinkedIn Connection Growth Secrets at $25 using the link https://jsg.clickecourse.com/course/linkedin-connection-growth-secrets/71/?coupon=super25

This will show you how I grew my connections and how you can too.

Reaching out to your connections

The first thing you must remember is that you should not spam your connections on LinkedIn any more than any other platform.

Some leaders tell you it’s ok because the people on there “asked” to be spammed by putting keywords like “looking for opportunity” or “network marketer” in their profile.

Believe me, spamming people never is the right way to do it.

Just like any other communication, start by checking out their profile and activities and send them a message with a simple hello and ask them something about their profile or activity.

They need to know you are interested in them before they’ll be interest in you.

Your goal is to figure out what YOU can DO FOR THEM!

Search for the right people to contact

Use the search bar on top to search for keywords that your ideal prospect might have.

For example, if I search for “online course” today, I get 1,749,636 results.

Next, you’ll want to click on People and set the filter to 1st connections only.

Which in my case now returns 651 results.

Of course, this will vary based on keywords and your connections since we are asking only for 1st level connections (direct connections)

You’ll notice that you can message any of these connections.

That’s because they are your first level connection (direct).

In contrast, 2nd level connections do not have the message button but instead the connect button

And if you visit their profile, and you try to message them, you’ll get the popup about premium messaging.


Now that you know how to grow your connections and how to message them, send 10-20 messages a day to new connections and see how fast your business grows.

It won’t be instant because your first goal must be to help them and become friends, or at the very least, business partners.

Watch the video for most insights on this topic.

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