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What is coming soon to Click eCourse Platform?

I’ve been busy creating daily content and because I only have limited time, it’s been a struggle to get the new features out of Click eCourse.

If you didn’t know, I’ve created a course hosting site that you can find at https://clickecourse.com

I know there are tons of hosting options but I couldn’t find any that met my needs, so I decided to build it myself.

What is Click eCourse anyway?

Let’s explain first what the site is.

First a foremost, it is a course hosting site but also:

  • An affiliate site
  • A social media site
  • A WordPress blog host
  • A syndication asset creation engine
  • and more (also more to come)

You can easily create a course that you can sell and that others can promote for you if you choose.

You can also promote the site as an affiliate and earn up to 75% in recurring monthly income.

What features are currently in the works?

The features currently being worked on are the following:

  • Course landing page editor
  • Social groups
  • Business pages
  • Friendship connections
  • Email broadcasting
  • Funnel builder and editor

These are just some of the the features that are partially done or being started.

I’d love to hear from you on what you’d like implemented first – just comment below.

Course Landing page editor

The course landing page editor will allow you to setup the course landing page in any way you chose.

It is a full editor which you’ll be able to set fonts, colors, images and info blocks where ever you like.

This editor will allow adding blocks such as a video player, the course thumbnail images, the lesson view or anything else you’d like to put in manually.

When used, the default landing page will change to whatever you create using the editor.

Social groups

Just like other social platforms, social groups will allow you to communicate with a group of people.

You’ll be able to create public, private or secret groups.

Secret groups can not be found or joined by anyone unless you send them an invite.

The difference between private and public groups is the ability to see who’s in the group or the posts without being a member.

You can find private groups in searches but you won’t be able to see who’s in them or what is posted in the group unless you request access and are granted access.

Groups settings set things like:

  • A cover and profile photo
  • The name and title of the group as well as the URL to access it
  • If membership is open or requires admin approval
  • If posting is open or requires moderator approval
  • If members can invite others or just admins can

Members can be granted the moderator or admin permissions

Members can also be blocked by admins.

Business pages

Business pages will be similar to other platforms as well.

You’ll be able to create posts on the page and these posts will show up in the news feed of people who have decided to like your page.

A business page can be of a personal brand, a company or a product.

Friendship connections

The friendship connection will allow two people to connect in a way that allows for certain features

  • Inviting them to secret groups
  • Finding them more easily
  • Sending them private messages
  • Posting to their news feed

Email broadcasting

It’s no secret that as a course creator, you’ll want to communicate with your students.

You could keep track of their emails and use other auto responder platforms to email them but that requires you knowing their emails.

However, many students expect their emails to be safeguarded by the platform and we do that with Click eCourse.

Anyone requiring access to a course needs to give their email address to gain access, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they want the course creator to know their email.

With a platform like Click eCourse, it does make sense to be able to do things like:

  • Send predefined email sequence once someone becomes a student of your course
  • Send emails at certain thresholds (like completion of a lesson)
  • Send emails if they don’t complete course after some days

But what about letting them know about a new offer you have?

What if you could send all your students an email?

Or what about members who saw your course but didn’t buy it?

That’s just some of the things you’ll be able to do

Funnel builder and editor

Lastly, you’ll need a capture page and funnel pages to offer upsells or freebies.

You could use another platform for that too, but with the course page editor and the other features of the site, it only makes sense to add this feature too.

Even thought there are great funnel builder platforms out there, you have to pay extra to use them.

By adding it to Click eCourse, you’ll no longer need them.


Things are still in development, but this can give you an idea of what’s to come.

Watch the video to see them features in their current beta state.

You can also ask for access to the features if you’d like.

Just click the big green + on the page and submit a support request.

Don’t forget to share this page with your friends by clicking the social icons and comment below for any questions.

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