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What to do when Facebook Ad account gets disabled?

So, you got your Facebook Ad account or Business account disabled!

I’ve been running Facebook Ads for over 5 years and was taken off guard when I was no longer able to edit my audiences.

See, every day, I post these episodes and add the Facebook video post to the list of videos to my custom audience.

But, on Dec 24th, 2020, I got the dreaded message “This a account is prohibited from advertising”!

How could they do that to me?

At first, I was in shock!

I mean, seriously, I’m not doing anything wrong!

I’m just adding video viewers to an audience!

A few days before, I had tried to boost two on my daily video posts but both got rejected for “MLM”.

My videos have absolutely nothing to do with that so I knew it was a false negative, but I didn’t bother asking for a review.

Maybe that’s what I did wrong?

Requesting a review of your business account

If you got your business account disabled as well as your ad account like me, you’ll first need to get your business account re-instated.

I’m not sure if they are supposed to reinstate your ad account if both are disabled when you request a review of business account, but they didn’t do both for me.

The simplest thing to do is create a new support request.

Just go to your Business account settings page

And then click on the Help center icon on bottom left of page

Which will open the Help pane on the right side of page where you can click the Create New Case button

Finally, this will allow you to submit a review for your account.

Once you enter the information and click on Start Chat, you’ll get a support person directly chatting with you to resolve your issue.

Requesting a review for your Ad account

If your ad account is disabled, you may see a message about it when you visit the Ad Manager page.

If clicking the Request a Review of this ad account doesn’t allow you to submit a review with an error because there is no ad account available to select, you’ll need to use the same process described above.

When I tried, I got an error saying I must select an Ad account, but there is no option to do so.

Not much help but the Help Pane and the Submit New Case came to the rescue for me.

The messenger chat to the rescue

Once you enter the information for your issue and click the Start Chat, you”ll see a message like this.

Hi, Jean-Serge! Thanks for contacting Facebook Concierge Support! My name is Ricardo and I’ll be assisting you with your inquiry about your disabled AD account. The reference ID is 12345678901234567890.

You can chat and get instant responses with images and everything else you’d normally be able to do.

After just a few minutes of back and forth, my new best friend Ricardo, was able to submit a review request for me and explain why I couldn’t get a review done on my rejected ad.


Even though Facebook seems to do things that are annoying to handle and deal with (rejecting ads or disabling accounts) at least with the chatting case creating, we get quicker responses.

Watch the video to see some of this in action as well as me fumbling around.

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