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What are the first 6 steps to achieve success online?

Over a year ago, I put together a free e-book on the 12 critical steps to your online success.

It’s been too long since I talked about it, so I decided to do these two episodes to talk about it again.

Before getting into it though, let’s get one thing clear.

Should I define success?

Recently, someone told me something that got to me realize something.

Cryptic eh?

Well, if you didn’t know, you can get this free e-book by going to http://onlinesuccess12steps.com or click the image on the side of my blog.

So, what he told me was that my message wasn’t precise enough.

In other words, instead of saying it’s the 12 Critical Steps to Your Online Success, I should say something like:

  • The 12 Steps to Your Online Course Creation Success
  • The 12 Steps to Making 10k a month online
  • The 12 Steps to Selling your Course Online
  • The 12 Steps to generating income from courses online
  • The 12 Steps to generating Income online so you can quit your job and be home with your family

Something like that and maybe I should do that.

Maybe I will…

But for now, I want your to decide what success is for you

What is success for you?

I can’t decide what success is for you, that’s something you need to come up with.

Part of the 12 steps is defining your vision which is basically what success looks like to you.

For me, it’s being home, quitting my day job and generating enough income to pay the bills and be able to spend time with my family.

It’s not about being “rich” although it’s hard to do everything we would like without the money.

It’s easy to say “I want a million” (or 20) instead of saying “I want to be able to travel the world with my family and stay in 5 star hotels for 12 weeks of the year”

But, it’s better to define specifics, then you can think about how much that costs.

The first 6 steps

The first 6 steps of the 12 steps are:

  1. Define your Vision
  2. Define your audience
  3. Define your avatar
  4. Define your offer
  5. Create your content copy
  6. Define your attractive character

Let’s get into those a little more

Step 1 – Define your vision

You might have heard about defining your why.

Perhaps you’ve heard the saying “your why should make you cry”

I’ve heard it too – it’s important that your “why” gets you motivated to take action but it will only get your started.

Your “why” will get you started, but it’s your vision that will keep you going.

Some might argue that it’s the same thing, but I find it helps a lot to separate why you started from what your life will be like when you reach your goals.

Step 2 – Define your Audience

After you know what your personal reason for doing this is, you need to decide who you will be trying to reach.

Your audience is the people you want to help with your message, product or offer (we get to that later)

It’s common for anyone starting online (I certainly struggled) to think it will limit them by defining their audience.

Most of us think our offer is going to help everyone and anyone who is willing to make the effort to use/buy/take it.

The problem with that is the lack of focus on your part.

Defining your audience precisely help you focus your energy and you will still attract those who are truly going to benefit from your offer.

Step 3 – Define your Avatar

Even worse for when we get stater is the avatar.

Your avatar is a single person – it’s someone with a specific age, eye color, education and city.

It’s easy to feel this is not important and will limit you in your sales.

But seriously, it helps so much more than you could ever imagine when you are starting out.

After being in this space for over 5 years, I can tell you knowing your avatar is one of the most important things you can do.

Step 4 – Define your offer

Your offer is probably the last thing you think you need to define.

We all think it’s pretty obvious, right?

It’s the pill we sell to loose weight or it’s the business opportunity with company X or it’s the online course that will teach them Y.


It’s none of those things – those are just the product.

The offer is what they get from it – even more so, it’s what they benefit from getting what they get from it.

For example, if you are selling a weight loss supplement, they’ll get “weight loss” from it but they’ll also benefit from better energy, better sleep and better mood… they might even make the ex jealous.

Step 5- Create your content copy

After all the soul searching and the defining of all that, you’ll now need to start creating content to attract your audience with your offer.

That can be done with just your normal day-to-day words but if you want real success, you’ll need to learn the skills of copywriting.

personally, I’m still learning to improve that but I’d highly recommend you find a mentor that will help you.

I can recommend Brian Fanale’s course at http://copywriting.jeansergegagnon.com, it is very complete.

You’ll learn why it would be better to say “Make sure to register for this webinar” instead of “You don’t want to miss this webinar” for example.

Step 6 – Define your Attractive Character

If there’s one thing that can make a huge difference it’s being clear about who is doing the talking.

When I say “talking”, I mean the person who is writing the text for your blog posts, your emails, your social media updates and talking in your videos.

Obviously, if can be you, but who are you and more importantly, who do you want your audience to think/know who you are?

You definitely want to be attractive to your target market and you can just be you without defining it, but it helps immensely to define that.

If you haven’t read the book Expert Secrets by Russell Brunson, I’d highly recommend you get your own copy at http://books.clickecourse.com


So, those are the first 6 steps to your online success.

In the next episode we’ll cover the last 6 steps, keep an eye out for it.

Watch the video as I explain this more

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