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What are the last 6 steps to achieve success online?

In the previous episode, I told you I wrote a free e-book on the 12 steps to your online success.

I covered the first 6 steps in that episode and today, we’re going to cover the last 6 steps.

You can get that e-book for free at http://onlinesuccess12steps.com/

If you haven’t read that episode, we should make sure we first cover what is success.

What is success to you?

As we discussed in yesterday’s episode, you should know what success means to you.

It means something different for everyone.

You might care more about gardening at home or going out for walks every day.

Or maybe you want to travel the world, go relax on the beach, go on shipping sprees or hiking the Amazon!

No matter what success is for you, only you can decide what it is.

What is success for me?

Just to give you some ideas, my success looks like this:

  • Not having a day job or a boss that tells me what to do when and that I need to ask 6 months ahead of time if I can take a 2 week vacation
  • Being able to go out with my daughters for tobogganing, a bike ride or a drive anytime the weather is nice and they are home from school instead of waiting for the weekend and not knowing if it will be nice out
  • Not having to worry about the bills because there’s always plenty of money to pay them and they are automatically paid every month
  • Going on trips around the world as often as we want – maybe 4-6 times a year spending 3-4 weeks each time away, sometimes with the kids and sometimes just the two of us
  • Having a house and car that isn’t falling apart because we can do the maintenance right and never have to wait because there isn’t enough to pay those big expenses
  • Never having to worry about missing out on our daughter’s school activities
  • Being there when someone is sick to take care of them if needed

Those are just a few things I want to be able to achive

Why money?

I guess the fear many have is needing money and we’d love to not have to need it.

Problem is that’s what you need to do all those things.

No matter how you slice or dice it, you’ll need money to achieve success.

I know it would be nice to exclude it and in reality, we need to make sure we aren’t going after the money, but we need to declare how much we need.

That’s why I say I need 1 million a year – even though I coud live on a lot less, having that number helps to plan everything else out.

Let’s get to the last 6 steps to your success

Now that we’ve covered what is success to you (and hopefully, you’ve declared it to yourself), let’s complete the 12 steps with the last 6 steps.

In yesterday episode, which you can see at Course Income Secrets #305 – What are the first 6 steps to achieve success online? we talked about the first 6 steps.

The last 6 steps are these:

  • 7- Soap Opera Sequence
  • 8- Have free item for them
  • 9- Setup your tools
  • 10- Capture page
  • 11- Offer Stack
  • 12- Webinar

Let’s go into these with a little more details

7- Soap Opera Sequence

When someone joins your list, the first thing you want to do is get them to know you a little more.

Many marketers call this the indoctrination sequence which are the first few emails your subscriber gets.

The idea of the Soap Opera sequence is to put it together in a way that makes them look forward to the next email.

Just like a Soap TV show will make you want to watch the next show.

There is a specific approach to this, so check out the full video from this step for more details.

8- Have free item for them

In the beginning, you’ll be able to get people on your list just by asking them to join.

Honestly though, most people will not like that.

They want something in return and unless they are already good friends of yours or family, they will not join your list without that.

This is where you get a free item for them to join your list.

Ive used many options, such as:

You will need to do the same as well if you really want to grow your list.

9- Setup your tools

One of the last things I have you do is setup your tools.

I know it seems crazy to do that near the end of the 12 steps and you might not be surprised that I didn’t do that myself.

As a mater of fact, I setup my tools at the very beginning.

I thought that was the smart thing to do as most of us do.

Believe me when I say it’s not as important as you’d think.

For example, there’s no point in setting up a blog if you choose to focus on social media.

By having this step so far down the list, we ensure we setup only what is needed for your chosen strategies.

10- Capture page

One of the tools is the capture page creator that you need to setup.

This can be your email auto responder’s capture pages

It can also be a WordPress plugin page

Or it can be a more expensive capture page platform such as Click Funnels or MLSP’s Funnelizer.

There are other options, but no matter which one you choose, you’ll create a page to gather your email subscribers.

11- Offer Stack

Before you start to put together emails or talk about your offer on social media, you’ll want to put together your offer stack.

This is a list of what you will offer as bonuses when someone decides to purchase your offer.

By doing this, you will differentiate yourself from all others selling the same product.

There’s also the idea of the value ladder.

We cover this in more details in the video

12- Webinar

Finally, you are ready to fly!

Doing a webinar is more and more essential to having online success.

With a webinar, you get the attention of your audience in a live setting where they can ask you questions and see others interacting.

You could do the webinar and then automate it too and really get income on auto pilot.

Of course, you need to get results first before considering automation which is why some suggest doing the same webinar every week for over a year.

Crazy right?


I go into more details in the video, so make sure to watch that.

I also cover a lot more in the individual videos you can get access to by entering your name and email at http://onlinesuccess12steps.com

Let me know in the comments below if you have any questions.

Make sure to share too with your friends by clicking the social icons.

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