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Why is no engagement still okay on social media?

I got a message from a new friend the other day and they mentioned that they noticed I wasn’t getting much engagement on my Facebook profile posts.

They also said that sharing my videos from my page to my persona profile was an “engagement killer” in Facebook.

I checked out their profile and could see they probably knew what they were talking about.

Should you care about engagement?

Don’t get me know, I appreciate feedback from other marketers but I already knew all that.

It’s not like I’ve been online for over 5 years that I haven’t learned about how to get engagement on my personal posts and how Facebook penalizes you for sharing posts from your page.

But, given I knew that already, why wasn’t I doing something about it?

Why didn’t I care about the engagement enough to do something about it?

When can you not care about engagement?

That’s the real question, right?

When is it okay to not care about engagement?

The answer is when you care about scaling.

What do I mean by that?

Well, for me, my goal is to get to a point where I can scale my online income beyond my own abilities.

That means if I need to spend 4 hours a day engaging on Facebook to get my posts to organically show up in other people’s feed, that might be a problem.

How much is your time worth?

Sure, it’s great to be able to do it “for free”, but my time is worth more than the minimal income that can be generated by my own time.

Plus, I don’t want to spend all my time on building engagement, I want to spend it with my family and be able to spend almost no time online eventually.

In the beginning, I certainly did lots of that, although 5 years ago things were a lot easier.

You definitely should learn about these strategies yourself too, knowing how to get engagement is super important to understand how social media platforms work.

How to scale beyond engagement

The secret is learning how to use ads with retargeting in mind.

I spent over $20k in ads on Facebook alone and have just started to learn this strategy.

This is really the only way to scale beyond your own time.

I mean, you could hire a VA (which I did) and have them do your engagement on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or any other platform

No matter what you do, if you want to scale beyond your own time, you’ll need to spend some money.

Facebook Custom Audience

The best way to scale and take advantage of the personal branding and attraction marketing strategies is to use custom audiences in Facebook.

First, you’ll need create content, preferably video as that’s the example I give here.

You should create multiple video posts – you could just do 10 but I highly recommend you do hundreds – do them daily as I’ve done and you’re golden.

Then you create an audience in Facebook which includes al the people who viewed your videos and setup ads that show them the other videos you have done.

Creating your Custom Audience

First, go to https://business.facebook.com, that will load up your business account – create it if you don’t already have one – then select the business.

You’ll see your pages and the business menu. Click on the Audiences link, then Create Audience button and select Custom Audience.

Select Video option

Next, select the option for people who viewed 3 seconds of your videos.

You can create audiences for longer views too of course.

Finally, select the videos from your page(s).

Using your custom audience

Once you have a custom audience, you can then create a save audience based on it with additional demographics and target ads to them.

Remember the basic principle that a prospect needs 7 exposures before they’ll take action?

You’ll use that in your marketing.

Create 7 ads for 7 different videos all going to the same audience.

Then when you want to promote something, target that audience too and they are 100% more likely to take action.


You’ll want to watch the video as I do go more in details with all this.

I also show you how to create an audience for Instagram video viewers and how to create ads that target the saves audience.

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