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How to easily create interactive chat bot for your blog?

I’ve been using this really cool chat bot on my WordPress blog for months now.

I actually got it setup first in July 2020 and it’s been working tirelessly getting me subscribers and even made a few sales from it.

Pretty cool, right?

What if you could do that on your blog or any other web site yourself?

What is a chat bot?

Let’s first explain what I mean by a chat bot…

There are literally hundreds of them out there…

But they all pretty much do the same thing, some with more bells and whistles than others.

Some also more expensive than others, so kee that in mind when looking.

The one I use was a one-time lifetime purchase of $37 (not sure what it is now)

In any case, it’s a piece of software that asks your visitors questions and based on their answers has a conversation with them to help them along a path you define.

What can you do with a chat bot?

You could, for example, ask them why they are visiting your site and offer them free training to help them with that.

Your bot could ask them their age and give them links to help with their age group.

Or it could ask if they have a dog, cat, fish or bird and offer them coupons to buy food for their specific pet.

It could even ask them for their name and email so you can add them to your list and send them a cool bonus for signing up.

Where can you setup your chat bot?

Since the chat bot is just a piece of software you can add to any website, you can set it up on any website you are owner of or that you can edit.

For example, I set it up on my WordPress blog and my click eCourse site.

And because I can create an unlimited number of chat bots and my sites allow me to set a different bot per page, I’ve setup a specific bot for specific courses.

Like my LinkedIn course or my TikTok course each have a different chat bot than the default on the web site itself.

I use those to offer discount coupons specific to those courses.

How to get your own chat bot

First thing for you to do is get your own chat bot.

Go to http://info.myconversiobot.com to get your own chat bot – I’m not sure if they still have the lifetime deal right now (or when you click this link) but you’ll need it to continue with what I’m about to show.

After you’ve gotten your account you’ll want to create your first chat bot

Creating your first chat bot

Click on the My Bots menu item and then the Create a Bot button

Enter a name and click the Create button on the popup.

You are now in the blank builder canvas where you can add one or more blocks, link them together and define the text to send to your visitors and the action they can take as well as the next step in the bot.

Adding a block

A block is a step in your chat bot’s conversation.

It has a name, some text and a user interaction.

Click on the Add Block button and then click the block that shows up to reveal the block options

You can set the block name (replace “New Block 1”) and change the text to “What pet?” for example.

You can also click the Add button on bottom left to add a new bit of text to send user and set the delay between them.

Click on the User Response button to choose what the user can do on this block. You can then select from all the options in the Input type pull down.

The most common thing is one or more buttons that they can click to move on.

For example, if the bot asks them the type of pet they have, you could have buttons for Dog, Cat, Bird, Fish and Other.

Click on the Continue button and then the Save button. You’ll notice the block now has 5 small tabs on bottom.

Adding next blocks

You can now add the next blocks.

For example, if they click on “Dog”, you want a block that will ask them their dog’s name.

and then set the user response to a custom text field called petname.

Continue and save the new block.

Finally, you’ll want to connect the first bottom tab to the top tab of the new block.

Just click and drag your mouse

After you let go of your mouse on the top tab of the new block, you can move the block to re-organize them and the connection will remain.


There’s obviously more to this and you’ll need to add new block to complete your chat bot.

Watch the video to see more details on how to do this.

We’ll also do another episode tomorrow on how to actually add your chat bot to your web site.

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