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How to easily add interactive chat bot for your blog?

Did you know that you can add a chat bot to any website?

You can even add it to a funnel or capture page!

Imagine having a little chat bot on your funnel page, or on your course sales pages, cool right?

So how can you do that?

Check it out at http://info.MyConversioBot.com!

What can a chat bot do?

It’s pretty awesome that you can add a chat bot to your website, your blog, your funnel page or capture page, but what can it do?

Lots of stuff, but mostly have a conversation with your visitor.

Maybe they have questions, or they aren’t sure what to do…

Your chat bot can be generic or super specific to the page they are on.

It can ask them for their name, their email, their phone number and add them to your list.

It can guide them through a complex process by asking questions and changing the messages based on their answers.

It can setup appointments, or offer them special coupons.

How to add chat bot to your page?

There are a few ways you can add the chat bot to your website or your page.

  • Header code
  • Embedded code
  • botid in a plugin
  • Full page bot url

WordPress has a plugin you can add to your blog and you can specify a default chat bot and you can add specific chat bots to specific pages.

Click eCourse also allows you to set a specific chat bot ID for your course.

You can even use a different chat bot for your students for that course so they don’t get bugged about buying the course

The most universal way to add a chat bot is simply to add some code snippet to your header on your site or page. This is usually supported on almost any platform.

Some platforms allow iframe code and that can allow you to put the chat bot in a specific place on the page, otherwise it shows up in the bottom left or right.

Using a full page bot url allows you to simply direct your users to the chat bot with no other distractions.

Creating your first chat bot

I covered this in the previous episode at https://jeansergegagnon.com/course-income-secrets-308—how-to-easily-create-interactive-chat-bot-for-your-blog/ but here’s the basics

  1. Get the ConversioBot software
  2. Create your chat bot
  3. Add all the blocks you need
  4. Configure the design of the bot
  5. Launch the bot

Once you’ve launched the bot, all you need is the bot code id or the snippet of code to install it

Adding chat bot to WordPress

First, install the plugin for ConversioBot

Then you’ll need to access the settings for it where you can set the default bot id for the entire site and configure any number of different bots for specific pages.

Adding chat bot to Click eCourse course page

If you have a course you’d like to sell online, you can replace the main site’s chat bot with your own.

You can even have two different chat bots.

One for visitors and one for students the idea being that you don’t want to bug students about buying the course they already have.

Go to the course editor page and select the Header code tab.

On that tab, you’ll find 2 fields for the ConversioBot ID, one for the course default and one for the students.

Adding chat bot to almost any other page

For almost any other web page, if you can add header code, you can add the chat bot to it too.

For example, you might want to add a specific chat bot to your funnel page.

You can create and add a different chat bot for each of your funnel pages for example.

The possibilities are endless!


I’m not sure how long the amazing lifetime deal will last but as I write this, you can still get LIFETIME access to ConversioBot by going to http://info.MyConversioBot.com for a ridiculous $37 (maybe even less)

Even if you aren’t ready to start creating your chat bot for your web site, blog or funnels, I’d highly recommend you take action now and lock the crazy deal in now, you’ll have all your life to get it done.

Watch the video as I really get into how to do all this much more.

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