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How to use only aWeber and WordPress to build your email list?

There are literally hundreds of ways to build your email list online.

Today, we will talk about using two tools that work well together.

Using WordPress and aWeber to build your list.

Getting a WordPress web site

If you don’t already have your own WordPress site, you can get it from click eCourse platform.

We include in the free options the ability to setup your own WordPress blog.

Just go to https://clikecourse.com and click register on top right to get your free account.

If you’re on mobile, first click the hamburger menu item

To reveal the Register menu item

You will see a register account popup.

Click on Continue with Facebook (or it may say Continue as YOURNAME) to use Facebook login (or you can enter email, you’ll just need click link in email to validate)

You’ll see the Facebook popup asking for permissions. Click on the Continue as YOURNAME button.

You should see a message that registration with Facebook was successful.

Click on your profile picture on top right.

Which will load the user menu and click on the Blog item.

This will take you to the Blog setup page where you can create your blog site.

Enter the required information and click the button to activate your blog.

After just 1-2 minutes, you’ll be able to access your blog dashboard to manage it.

Click the Manage your blog site link to do that.

Getting an aWeber account

If you don’t already have an aWeber account you can get one for free at http://aweber.jeansergegagnon.com

I won’t go into details here on setting that up as I do show how that works in the video, plus it’s pretty straight forward to setup your account by going to that link.

Creating your signup form in aWeber

Once you’ve created a list in aWeber, it’s a simple matter of creating a Sign up form.

Just click on the Sign Up Forms tab to load that up.

You can then create a new Sign up Form by clicking on the green Create a Sign Up Form button and select the Sign Up Form pull down.

You can then edit the form and Save it

Once you’ve saved it, you can edit options and such but that’s not needed for the WordPress integration.

Adding plugin to WordPress

Before you can add an aWeber form to your WordPress blog, you’ll need to install the plugin an integrate it.

In your WordPress dashboard, click on Plugins and then the Add New button

You can then search for aWeber and install the aWeber plugin. Make sure to select the one by Aweber.

After it’s installed, you can click on the Activate button.

Next, find the new menu entry for aWeber and click Settings.

Click on Get Started

Which will open new tab to allow access to your aWeber account by the WordPress plugin.

Enter your aWeber login information and click on the Allow Access button.

Copy the resulting code from the page

And paste it in the step 2 of the plugin configuration

After clicking Finish, you’ll be able to add any forms you create in aWeber to your blog.

Adding Widget to your blog

Once you have aWeber plugin installed and configured, you are ready to add a signup form on your page.

Depending on your theme, you might have one or more widget areas.

Check which one you need use and add the aWeber widget simply by dragging it to the widget.

First, go to Appearance -> Widgets menu item

You can then find the aWeber widget to drag and drop it to the possition in your widget you’d like to see it.

Next, select the list to use.

Then choose the Sign up form and click save.

You will now see the form on your blog site in the widget area you chose.


There’s a lot more you can do with this plugin.

Check the video out where I also talk about using a popup form as well.

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