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Insider view of the OFA or One Funnel Away Challenge

It’s been a week and I’m super excited to be going through this challenge.

I gotta tell ya, I’ve done lots of challenges – I mean LOTS – and this is by far, the most valuable to me.

Get in on the next one at http://ofa.jsgagnon.com

Even after just the first week, I can already tell that it’s going to be worth hundreds of times the silly $100 if cost to get in.

What is OFA?

So, OFA, stands for One Funnel Away and it’s really the flagship tag line in all of Click Funnels and Russell Brunson’s communications.

It refers to the fact that you never know when you’ll really make it.

Even though you don’t know how far you are, knowing that there is a path to your success and it really is just about never quiting because you are possibly just one funnel away.

Your next funnel – your next pic hit might be the one that makes you those millions!

The One Funnel Away Challenge

It started a few years ago with Russell wanting to help more people get results.

I remember hearing about it all the time.

All my marketing friends were promoting it (they still are but now I am too).

The Challenge is to create your first funnel based on winning funnels.

Sure, you can create your own funnel in lots of software platforms, but if you don’t know how a winning funnel is created and what it sells, it’s really hard to get a winning funnel.

The Challenge is for you to learn that in 30 days.

What does it look like?

When you join the challenge, you get a back office with some awesome training and access to a private Facebook group.

There are many challenges done over the year that start each month (or many more than once a month, not sure) o you get access just to the group you are in.

The Facebook group that I’m in currently has over 5,000 members, so it’s insane how many people are doing this.

BTW, you can do the challenge as often as you want, not to mention you’ll meet other entrepreneurs with same mindset who you can collaborate with.

How does it work?

Each day, Russell goes live in the Facebook group at noon eastern time.

He is live for 30-60 minutes discussing and teaching the topic for the day.

During this live, we can comment and ask questions or help others asking questions.

At the end of the live, Russell gives us our “homework” for the day.

We can then start working on that right away.

Also, around 3pm, the support team also goes live to answer any support questions that we may have.

Creating your funnel

There are literally dozens of different types of funnels you could create.

Even though your can create your own funnel based on the type you want, the challenge does need to focus on a particular type of funnel.

In the One Funnel Away Challenge, we are creating a funnel based on a core result, an order bump, two one time offers and a thank you page.

We need to answer questions like who is our dream customer and what is the core result we will be creating for them.

It’s a challenge for me because I’ve done so many courses that I’m not really sure which one to pick, so I decided to just create a new new one.

I’ve been thinking for a while about helping others create a podcast and get it hosted

How does that sound? Anyway, we shall see what happens.

What was in the first week of the Challenge?

I could tell you all about the first week of the Challenge but that might not be how the challenge is run later on.

Maybe the order of things will change or you’ll not see what you are expecting.

Either way, I’m not doing you a favor to give you all the details.

I will say this though: Russell told us that the best way to give back to the challenge is to talk about it.

Right in day 3 video as 9:05, he specifically says these words:

Hope you’re loving the One Funnel Away Challenge and if you are, they way you can pay it back is make sure you go on Facebook and Instagram, where ever you’re at and say “I’m going through this challenge and it’s amazing” – The more people talk about it the more people will want to join in. That’s kind of how you give back if you’re enjoying it.

Russell Brunson – Click Funnels co-founder

So, here I am telling you how amazing this challenge is.

I hope I didn’t say too much and you’ll be joining me in the next challenge!


The One Funnel Away Challenge is by far the more valuable challenge I’ve attended in my 5 years of being online.

If you are not sure how to build the best funnel you could and get amazing results from it, this is where to start.

I can’t guarantee you’ll get any results for the first funnel you create, actually I can pretty much guarantee you’ll suck, but I can guarantee you’ll only get to a successful funnel if you start by one that sucks.

Watch the video as I do reveal what the backend and Facebook group looks like.

Join the next challenge by going to http://ofa.jsgagnon.com and see you on the inside!

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