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How to build a chat bot and demo it for someone else?

Did you know you can create a chat bot demo for someone else and they can demo it without making any changes to their web site?

That’s right, you can create a chat bot and send your prospective clients a link that they can see the chat bot on their website or blog.

Pretty cool right?

Well, I think so lol

Getting your chat bot

Before you can demo a chat bot for your prospect, you’ll need the software.

I’m not sure how long you’ll be able to get the lifetime deal but as I write this, there’s still a $37 lifetime deal for this software.

You can check it out at http://info.MyConversioBot.com to see if the deal is still available.

You can create any number of bots for different web sites and blogs.

Creating a bot for someone else

With the agency license, you can also create any number of chat bots and allow others access to configure.

Let’s just get into creation of a bot to show as a test on someone else’s site.

Go to the My bots page and click on the Create a Bot button

This will popup a form to give the bot a name and select or create a new folder.

After you enter the bot name, you will be taken to the builder page where you can add blocks and connect them together.

You can then add multiple blocks, connect then, edit the text in them, set the user responses for each block.

Using pre-built chat bot templates

Another option you have is to use the pre-built chat bots as templates.

The basic account comes with some or you can upgrade and get access to hundreds of chat bot templates.

Go to the Done for your page

Find chat bot that you can start from.

And click on the Clone website bot button and it will clone it and switch to the builder view where you can edit the blocks.

Customizing the bot for their website

After you’ve created a chat bot you think would be useful for your target prospect, you’ll want to customize it for them.

For example, you might want to set the image that shows up for the chat bot as their image.

Go to the Design tab and open the Bot Design section

Scroll down to the Bot Icon section

Where you can click the Add button to upload a new image for that prospect.

After which, you can click on Save and then Launch buttons

Demoing the chat bot on their own website

Finally, you’ll want to go to the Publish tab

Next, scroll down to the Preview On External Website section

Enter their website URL and click the Preview button which will load up their website with your test chat bot showing up.

You can send them that link without affecting their web site.

Pretty cool, right?


If you want to see that in action on a few different web sites, make sure to watch the video as I do show you exactly how to do it.

It’s pretty amazing software if you ask me.

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