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How to offer special deal on your course using a chat bot?

If you have a course that you are selling online, they say the best way to get sales is to actually talk to people.

People will buy a course from someone they know, like and trust…

They’ll also buy it if someone they know tells them it’s great.

Lastly, if they see lots of strangers say it’s a great course.

How to scale your sales?

Of course, you can spend thousands in ads to sell your course.

What if you don’t have that money (yet)?

You can spend all your time talking with people online until someone buys it.

What if you don’t have that time?

You can hire someone else to do the talking for you and pay them commissions.

What if you can’t find that person?

Chat bot to the rescue

If you can’t spend the money on ads, spend the time talking to everyone or hire the right person to be you, next best thing is a chat bot.

The cool thing about a chat bot is that you can tailor it to be close to what you’d say and do.

You can even give it your name and picture if you want.

Let’s show you how I added course specific chat bots to my courses I sell online.

What kind of chat bots should you setup?

Before we get into the actual software to use, let’s make sure we agree on the conversation types you want to be having with your visitors.

  • You want to offer incentives for people view the sales or landing page for the course to buy it
  • You want to give bigger bonus to visitors that are about to close the page and leave forever
  • You don’t want to bug existing students with these offers

So, you’ll need three chat bots for your course

  1. A default chat bot for your course page
  2. A on-exit chat bot for your course page
  3. A student only chat bot for your course page

Make sense?

Now on to the software you need.

Get proper course hosting site

There are lots of course hosting sites out there and I don’t know them all.

I’m not sure if you can do some or all of what I explain in this post but I know Click eCourse does it all.

If you don’t already know, I’m the creator of Click eCourse, so of course I’ll promote it, but it also means I know exactly what it can do and can even improve it to do more.

Start by getting yourself a free account at https://clickecourse.com and click on the register link on top of page.

You’ll get a popup to either continue with Facebook login or enter an email and password.

Check the video at 3:32 for a walk through of all that.

Get the right chat bot software

The next thing you need, of course, is the chat bot software.

Once again, there are lots and I’m not sure what they all do and support, I just know that the one I use supports what we want to do here.

I use a software called ConversioBot which, as I write this, still has a ridiculous $37 LIFETIME deal.

They are already starting to work on their next version will includes Facebook messenger bots as well as WhatsApp bots so I’m not sure how long that lifetime deal will last.

Yes, I’m affiliate and you can get it at http://info.MyConversioBot.com

Create your course on Click eCourse

Before we move on, you’ll want to have your course to follow along.

You can go watch the video as I cover the basics of creating your course around the 4:40 mark.

You’ll want to decide on title, summary and details as well as set a high price on your course (to give a great rebate) as well as set a thumbnail image.

Oh, and you’ll need to add the lessons to your course.

Lastly, you’ll want to create coupons for the rebates.

Create your chat bot

In the chat bot software, you’ll create 3 bots as we explained before, one for students, one for prospects and one for prospects about to leave.

Creating your bot is a simple process of giving it a name and then adding blocks in the builder page.

Each block can have one or more text messages sent to your user and a user interaction option at the end.

You then connect the blocks to organize the conversation in a logical maner.

Depending on what the user chooses in the options, the conversation will take different paths.


It is simple to setup a chat bot for a course on Click eCourse, although it may not be easy until your learn the tools.

Watch the video to get a better understanding of what you need to do as I give examples of each step we discussed here.

Make sure to share with your friends as they need to see this too – just click on the social icons.

Comment bellow if you have any thoughts or question and I’ll get back to you.

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