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How to easily add a chat bot to your WordPress blog?

Let’s talk about adding a chat bot to your WordPress blog site.

It’s really quite simple to do and so many worry about the tech.

In this episode, I’ll show you how easy it is to add a chat bot to your WordPress blog site.

By the way, you can just as easily add it to almost any website that you have header code edit access.

What is a chat bot?

Before getting into it, let’s make sure we’re talking about the same thing.

When I say “chat bot”, I mean a piece of software, or a computer, that can have a conversation with your web site or blog visitor.

It’s usually a little hovering icon on the bottom of your site that users can click to interact with.

On my blog (this page you’re reading now), it’s a picture of me with my hand pointing to a message to click for help.

When you click it, a popup opens with the start of a conversation.

You can fully customize the conversation and the user interaction.

You can even change the fonts, colors, images and position of the icon.

Getting the chat bot software

Before you can add a chat bot to your blog, you’ll need to get the software.

There are tons of options but the best I found is to get a hosted service versus a plugin.

The difference is that you don’t need to manage it n your site and it’s as easy as plugging in a bot id in your site.

I use ConversioBot which you can find out more about at http://info.MyConversioBot.com

As I write this, there is still a crazy LIFETIME deal at $37, so make sure you get that right away as they are working on next version and may soon start charging monthly.

When you go to http://info.MyConversioBot.com, you can certainly read everything and watch the videos there, but you can simply scroll to bottom and click the order now button.

Create your first chat bot

Once you have your chat bot account, login and click on the Create a bot button

This will popup the bot creation form where you give your bot a name and select folder to put it in.

When you click on the Create button, you are taken to the Builder page.

I won’t go into more details here but you can watch the video around the 8:00 mark to see the next steps.

You just need to add blocks, edit text, chose user actions and connect the blocks.

After which, you publish your bot and deploy it

Adding your chat bot to WordPress

You could add the bot code to the header of your pages but ConversioBot comes with a plugin you can install.

Just go to the Publish tab and scroll down to the WordPress plugin button to download it.

You then install it in WordPress and it will add a new menu entry called ConversioBot which allows you to add your chat bot id.


I do go a lot deeper into how to do all this in the video so make sure to watch it.

You’ll see how to customize the location of the chat bot icon on the page.

I also show how to change colors, the icon and how to set a different chat bot on different pages.

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