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What is best way to create and host your first course online?

If there’s one thing you’d expect from a series called “Course Income Secrets”, it’s probably training on how to create a course!

Am I right or am I right?

Well, yesterday was my birthday (Jan 26) and I gave myself an amazing gift, I’m sure you’ll hear more about it soon.

Anyway, how do you get that first course done?

First steps to creating your course

The very first thing you need to do, even before creating the course, is to make these decisions.

  1. What will be the topic of your course?
  2. Who will you be teaching it to?
  3. What will they get from going through it?

These seem simple, and they can be, but they aren’t always the easiest thing to clearly define.

We’re not going to go into this here but you can find lots of other episodes on my blog about these topics.

Delivering the course

Once you know what your course is about, who will be interested in it and what they will get out of it, you need to thing about how you’ll deliver it.

You might be tempted, as most are, to simply record all the lessons.

Believe me, I’ve done that plenty of times.

The problem with doing that is you might (probably) won’t be answering the questions your audience actually has.

You might think you know all the questions and all the answers (well, you probably do know the answers) but you’d be surprised.

Hosting a master class

Truthfully, what all successful course creators teach is to deliver your course in a master class.

What does a master class mean?

Not sure what the official definition is, but what I mean by master class is a live delivery of your content.

You can do it many different ways but the idea is you do live videos where your audience is in attendance and they can ask questions as you go.

Why a master class?

There are many reasons why a master class is the best way to deliver your course, but here are the main ones:

  • You get instant reactions and interaction from your audience
  • You can use the recordings to create your course afterwards
  • You can do it over a longer period of time
  • You are forced into doing it as other expect you there

Some might not like to be forced into doing it but if you’re like most people, you can get busy with other things and never do you course.

By scheduling master class sessions and having people expect you there, it forces you to just get it done.

Making the content even better

Part of the process of delivering a master class is also about getting people to attend.

It’s certainly not the easiest thing to do, but you can use many tactics to get them interested.

One of them is to give it to them for free by asking them to tell you their number one question about your topic.

After you have 100 or so people’s questions, you will see a pattern and can adapt your course to answer those questions which might be different than you expected.

If you just do what you think, it might not be what they are really looking for.

Hosting the course before it’s done

The best way to get people to see the value in your course is to create the course hosting skeleton before you create the lessons.

Or before you host the master class.

By having a skeleton, which means the course title, summary, details, price as well as the lessons and thumbnails, you can have people sent to that page.

When they ask what is in the course or master class, you can send them to that page where they’ll see the price and topics.

You can then offer them a coupon (even a free one if you’d like) for them to get into the master class.


It’s a lot easier to make sales when you know what your audience wants and you deliver exactly that.

By hosting a live master class, you can deliver on that promise and have raving fans.

They will promote your course for you after (and you can even offer them affiliate commissions) .

Watch the video as I get more into details.

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