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How to prepare a successful 5 day Facebook Challenge?

If you’ve been online building a business for any length of time, then you’ve seen or heard of Challenges.

The most popular challenge on Facebook is usually a 5 day challenge.

Right now, I’m going though a 30 day challenge called the OFA (or One Funnel Away) Challenge from Russell Brunson and Click Funnels.

Recently, I also participated in the 5 day challenge on building a subscriber based business.

Why 5 days?

I could talk about a 10 day, 15 day, 30 or even 60 day challenge.

Those are all great and if your content isn’t easily digestible in 5 days, you might need to make it longer.

I caution you though as the interest of those who join your challenge gets weaker as time goes on.

Most people can handle a 5 day challenge must more easily.

Also, your content doesn’t need to be delivered in 5 days, you can deliver a part of it.

And what I mean by “part of it”, is not to teach something that will be of no use unless they keep going (with a paid training) after the 5 days – that is a recipe for very unhappy clients.

What I mean is teaching your whole thing without really giving away the “whole thing”.

What do you need to do a 5 day challenge?

The first thing you’ll need is a clear topic for you challenge.

And really, that means what people will get from taking it.

You then need to define what each day will be about and what challenge they will need to accomplish that day

Lastly, you should have a reason for them to continue on working with you or perhaps have an offer at the end that will allow them to get even more results such as a course.

You’ll also want to have a group description and cover photo.

What will your challengers accomplish?

One of the main things you really need to get clear on is what exactly will your challengers accomplish at the end of the 5 days?

Your topic might be exactly what that is but sometimes you can’t reach that goal in 5 days, so you need to find something of value that they can accomplish.

For example, in my challenge to have a successful Chrome Extension business, it would be almost impossible to have everything done in 5 days, so my goal for them is to have the basics setup and understand enough at end.

Do not make the mistake of teaching only part of your process because it’s too big which would force them to need your “next thing” to get results.

They must get tangible results in the 5 days or they will not be happy and will not want to work with you further.

What will each of the 5 days be about?

Once you’ve identified your end goal, you want to have individual goals for each of the 5 days.

Each day should have a measurable result they will get from it.

It should also include a challenge, or an action they must take to get that result.

Remember, it’s a 5 day challenge – typically you only have challenges in the first 4 days and offer them to get more in depth on 5th day but you could also include a challenge on 5th day.

Another option is to not make any offers on the 5th day, but rather email them about that “next thing”

What comes after the challenge?

In most challenges, you are looking for them to continue on with the next logical steps.

As mentioned before, it’s super important that it’s not required for them to do so to get results.

The challenge itself should give them results and the better the results, the mode they’ll like you and be willing to buy anything you have to sell.

Typically, you’ll offer them a more in-depth training on what they just learned about or you could offer one-on-one paid help.


Remember that a successful 5 day (or more) challenge is measured by the number of people who achieve results during that time.

If no one gets results, then you’re either attracting the wrong audience, your tasks are too hard to do or you just don’t have a good challenge.

Watch the video to learn more and go deeper into this topic.

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